Friday, 7 December 2012

Postcard Challenge

week 49.. Sweden.

For my card this week, what else could I do but Abba...

I looked through their album covers and found a really colourful one with lots of images on it. I dug out lots of rubber stamps and in pads and created my own version.

I haven't done a background, i have done a total U-turn with my book. I hated most of the backgrounds that i had done, so I took apart my book , saving only a few bits. I plan to bind the cards in a different way, not sure yet how, maybe in another book or maybe just using my B-I-A. I will make covers and add the bits that I saved from the last book.


Please only link up if you are taking part in the postcard challenge.


  1. D'uh !! I didn't think about ABBA - but love their song. Great postcard. A xx

  2. I too had to take my book apart this week. Needed to loosen the binding because the pages wouldn't close :D. Will bring it next week so you can have a looky :D XXX

  3. Could it be anything but Abba?!! Having problems with my books too. Need to somehow join Volume 1 to Volume 2 - also running out of pages!

    Janet xx

  4. Great idea, fun postcard. Now in Canada visiting the grandchildren, arrived a couple of hours ago, think we might be in bed before them tonight!
    Jen x

  5. I like it, I like it a lot! I didn't like my book anymore either and changed it out a couple of months ago.
    I hope to get caught up real soon


  6. decided to my postcards in wooden chest,(they just fit) covered it with maps and distressed the edges postcard..

  7. The postcard challenge has inspired so much wonderful art by so many different styles of artists and writers. Great work to all!

  8. Still following along and enjoying the variety of art and inspiration sources in each country. Hope to rejoin the tour in the near future. I haven't figured how to store my finished cards yet.