Friday, 28 June 2013

ARC June

Welcome to the June meeting of Arc, the Artful Readers Club. If you have never been here before then you can read all about the club HERE.....

so onto this months book. A few years ago i was looking for a set of books to buy for my Mum for her birthday. She loves to read, and does so everyday. I had no idea which authors or sets she had already gone through, so I looked for something totally different that I reckoned she wouldn't have bought for herself. When searching for fantasy books I came across Tom Holt, he sounded kind of odd, and so I bought 4 of his books for her. Move forward a couple of years and she was having a clear out of books she had read, and gave me the 4 back so that i could read them too. Meanwhile i had heard great things about tom Holt and had bought some of his other books.

So the point of this challenge is to read books that have been sitting in the bookcase for ages, and I now have about 7-8 of these Tom Holt books, and have not read any of them...till now

I loved this book and can't wait to read the others.

Here is my review.

The Portable Door by Tom Holt … 

I loved this book. I was so sad for it to end.

This tale is a love story, a who-dunnit, a fantasy,a comedy...

As I started reading this book I just thought it was plain weird, and wasn't sure at all that I would enjoy it, but I was soon drawn completely into the story and found it to be really,really cleverly written.

Basically, a young man gets what he thinks is a boring office job. He falls hopelessly in love with the girl at the next desk...that's the love story. There are mysterious happenings, missing people and people presumed dead...thats the who dunnit part.

It turns out the office building is owned and run by magicians,witches and goblins! Yes really!

One of the goblins falls for the young man and chaos ensues.

Scary things happen, but it is never a scary/horror story. If you are into mischievous comedy, light hearted fantasy and a bit of romance then you will love this really quirky book.  

Now for my art journal page. Boy was this difficult. I couldn't understand why when I had loved the book and had so many ideas, but i guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. 

I started with acrylic inks  and a hand cut stencil of a sorcerer. 

Then I added a map of Australia, some red eyes looking through a letterbox, and some claw marks.  Random I know, but all these things appear in the book. 

I stamped a little text..and stencilled some cogs around the edge using a metallic wax. 

I found some old peel off strips in a drawer and used them to add the 'portable' door. 

Then I drew the goblins.. I left them uncoloured, apart from the eyes. On the right is the review, rolled up and held in place with 2 loops. 

Here is where you link up if you are joining in with the ARC..

Add your name and link to your blog post that contains your review and artwork. 


  1. I'm simply thrilled you enjoyed this book. It makes it so much easier, although it sounds like you struggled with the artwork. Having said that, I think it is fantastic, and I am in total and complete awe of your stencil. Great review, too. Made me want to find this book.

  2. Oh they sound really interesting Darcy, not finished my book yet, but enjoying it, been a tough month I'll come back and link up when its done! Loving the art work as always hun!

  3. My brother reads Tom Holt, I got him one for last Christmas, maybe I need to try him out myself as it sounds a fun read! Love your inspired art too.

  4. I'm really glad an ARC-er has read a Tom Holt, as he is always being recommended to me on Amazon and other sites, based upon other authors I enjoy. Your review sounds right up my street so I really must give him a try ..... I'll add a title or two to my looming 'books to read' pile :)

    Love your artwork, you did all this in one night??? you can't have had any sleep at all! I always wonder at all the layers of meaning you put into your pieces, brilliant. And your goblins are awesome :)

  5. So glad you had a good read this month! Love your artwork, and the goblins are excellent. Not a book for me but enjoyed reading your review. Your scroll review is a nice touch.

    Janet xx

  6. Love the art work ... Especially those peeping red eyes and love the cogs around the edge too. As usual stunning work!

    Book sounds fab too so think its going onto my list of things to read!

    C xxx

  7. You make this author sound so much fun, will have to get some of his books for hubby(who I encourage to read regularly, but can put a book down and not touch it again for years...aaaargh!)
    Not surprised you struggled with your art as you have been so busy lately, but you pulled it out of the hat yet again(pun intended) :D XXX

  8. Sounds like a fun read, glad you enjoyed it. Do like the way you describe how your final page comes together and the end result is great.
    Jen x

  9. It sounds like something I would love to read. I can't wait to see if the goblin is female or male (don't tell me!).

    I love the nostrils of the goblin on the right, so porky-cute. And their eyes are so vivid ;-)

  10. Great review, would love to read this book!
    Your page is wonderful! Can't believe how much you've been creating lately!♥

  11. So glad you enjoyed your book this month, Darcy!! Can't believe you finished that fabulous book (great review)and did the artwork in one night...did you sleep at all? :) Loved the review and the art is a wonderful blend of book elements. The rolled up review is a touch of genius. Will add Tom Holt to my ever-growing list of books I want to read!

  12. I think that my tastes in books I want to read has developped over the years and I love the sound of this series. Your artwork is amazing. A xx

  13. This sounds like such a fun and interesting read...Of course...loving the layers, the colors and oh! those eyes peeking out under the claw marks....I'm so happy to read all those books that have been piling up over the years...also like using up old art supplies that I have found in my bottomless drawers.

  14. I am hooked. It is definitely on my reading list, now! Great review, Darcy. Clever art work. I love the claw marks through Australia and all the layering you did. Great use of found art supplies. :)

  15. An interesting and complex double-page spread for what sounds like an interesting and complex book. I like the two members of 'our family' and your multi-layered artwork.
    The book does sound like fun, though not one I am likely to read, but it's always interesting to be introduced to other genres.

  16. I have to say I have never heard of this author; but he sounds really interesting and your enthusiasm shone through. I love the spread you created. It really seemed to evoke how you describe the book. I too admire how you make your own stencils. Your goblins are great too! I love the way you always include your review in an interesting way as part of the art work. Julie Ann xxx

  17. I've started this book about 3 times and i don't get very far with it. I've got a tim holt book on my list that i'm planning on reading for July. I really need to make an effort to read it you make it sound fab x

  18. Although you struggled with the process, I love your finished journal pages. This is the first time I've been here - found you through Julie Ann - what a brilliant concept, right up my alley as they say. I have loads on this month, but would love to join in once the dust has settled and in the meantime will enjoy having a peek at what you've all been up to. Thanks for the inspiration! :o)

  19. Oh! I'm gutted! Just been to read about how ARC works to check if anyone can join in etc and realised that it's too late for me to take part - are you going to do this again next year?

  20. For not knowing what to do, you came up with fantastic journal page. :)

  21. This does sound an odd book, but fun as well. You're so clever making stencils and drawing goblins lol great art work. I also love what you have been creating this month, I really must have a catch up soon Dxx