Friday, 14 June 2013

ICAD Catchup

Here are my ICAD card from Day 8 to Day 14.

Day 8. This was a glorious sunny day and i had made cakes to share with family.

Day 9. This was a long day of driving back home across the country. 

Day 10. This day was spent relaxing and reading. 

Day 11. On this day I was making baby related things with an alphabet theme. 

Day 12. A ladybird kind of day. Also I found my fave cider at a bargain price, so 2 of the ladybirds are done on the cider receipt.

Day 13. Here comes the rain, just as I am off to see a friend. 

Day 14. Busy,busy day, only time for a little doodling. 

Hope you are having fun making your ICADS. I will do another round up next weekend. 


  1. Just hopped over here from Daisy Yellow ICAD FB group...WOW!!! Your cards are just AMAZING!!! LOVE every single one of them! I love how they show just a peek into your life! Beautiful!

  2. Never did get started, I;m afraid. I love these though, especially your raindrops!

  3. Hi! I hopped over from ICAD and just loved all your cards! From Cupcakes to City Scapes! So much fun! Can't wait to see more. I don't know how you have managed to do such great work with all your travels:) Keep it up!

  4. Love them all, especially the last one with the doodling! Already looking forward to next weeks installment =0)

  5. I must research ICAD, as it sounds like a good idea for keeping the creativity flowing. I especially like your rainy day and the ladybirds on the receipt are beautiful! Julie Ann xxx

  6. Love them all beautiful work as always!

  7. I love these! They're gorgeous!