Monday 9 September 2013

Back to school

It's that time of year again, all the stressed out Mum's are shopping for uniforms and shoes and school bags and books.

As a kid, the best thing, for me, about going back to school was getting a new pencil case. Actually the thought of a new pencil case even now makes me a little giddy. Whenever I am in the stationery shop i always go and look at them, shelves and shelves of them. Silly i know, but there is just something that draws me to them.

So with that in mind, I thought I would encourage you to take out a little time from the back to school shopping, time to sit and play, and end up with something useful for either yourself or your kids.

The simplest pencil case to make is a tall pocket with a flap closure. There is a little sewing involved, but not much, and you don't need to worry about inserting a zip.

I decided on my size, then cut some calico a little larger, I then gave this 3 coats of gesso. One piece is roughly the right size, the other is about 3 inches longer. This extra bit will be the flap that folds over.

Once the two pieces are dry, add a little trim or bias binding to the top edges, then stitch the 2 pieces together. Starting from the top of the shorter piece, down the side, across the bottom and back up the other side....ending at the top of the shorter piece. 

Snip a little off the corners and turn the right way out. the fabric will be stiff, poke the corners out with the end of a narrow paintbrush or knitting needle. 

You now have a tall pocket/envelope type of shape, with a loose flap at the top. 

Take your favourite stamps and create your design. I used the new stamps from the JOFY range at PaperArtsy.

Here is the back. 

and here is the front..

Now take your PROMARKERS... and colour in to your hearts content. Because you are working on gessoed fabric, the promarkers will not dry immediately like they do on paper. They will reactivate and blend very easily. This take a little getting used to. 

here is the back again..

and the front all coloured in..

Once coloured in you can use your BLENDER... to remove small areas to create highlights. 

I decided to add my name to the space on the front of the flap..

To make it more durable I coated the outside of mine with acrylic wax.I then added a square of velcro under the flap. 

all that is left to do is fill it up..

Hope you have fun creating some back to school supplies. 


I have 2 packs of  Promarkers to give away. These are the 2 packs that I used in my project. 

To win BOTH of these sets you must do TWO things for me. 

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  1. Must try this technique sometime as you always get great results. Loving the pencil case, it is really pretty :-)

    Can i please ask are the gesso layers quite thin?
    What is the wax layer and how do you do that?
    Can this project be washed?

    Thank you for another great post:-)

  2. What a great idea. I have never tried pro markers on gesso before so will give that a go. And I never realised there was a letraset blog so thank you for the link so now I can learn even more techniques.

    Emma x

  3. that is neat !!! Never tought about colouring textile. Thank you very much for the idea and technique !
    I was looking for something new for Christmas :) now I can play !
    Thank you again !
    Cy x

  4. I do so love those cute little birdies. Must try some stamping on gesso'd fabric

  5. I, too, get giddy at the thought of pencils and other school supplies! I came over from the Jennibelle blog and thoroughly enjoyed your interview! I'm so glad I found your blog! Thanks for the awesome project idea!

  6. Here from Jennibelle's blog! So nice to meet you! Hugs! deb

  7. I really liked the pencil bag! Very cute! I love pencil bags and pencils too, I have always loved paper too. Thank you for the idea of the bag, I will have to make a couple, one or me and one for my grand-daughter, she'll love it!
    Thanks for