Saturday 19 October 2013

Bag for the Boss Lady

As you know during the summer I was a guest designer for the PAPERARTSY BLOG... not only were Mark and Leandra extremely generous with supplies, they were also so very lovely.It was an absolute pleasure to work for them. I was sad that my semester came to an end, but then I was given the opportunity to design some stamps,and so I have continued to work alongside the fantastic PaperArtsy team. So as a little thankyou I wanted to make something for Leandra....

I decided to make a bag, I needed to know what colours and styles Leandra liked, so I asked Mark.... he said he didn't have a clue hahaha and directed me to the very talented LIN BROWN We had a lovely chat, and Lin was able to give me some ideas.

So I hunted out a pattern that I liked. I knew I wanted to paint the bag, so the pattern had to be relatively simple. For 2 reasons, one.. a simple shape would show off the paint better, and two.. once painted the fabric was going to be stiff and harder to sew.

I found this free pattern.. BUTTERCUP BAG

I also found someone who had made alterations to the pattern... HERE...

So armed with 2 sets of instructions I set about creating my version.

I enlarged the pattern, and cut out my pieces in white cotton. Then I drew my designs onto paper, cut them out and played around with placement.

As you can see the bag has pleats, so I pinned those into place  before drawing my designs onto the fabric with a black uniball eye pen. 

Once all my pieces were drawn on, I started to paint. 

I used FRESCO PAINTS... mixed with Folk Art Plaid Fabric Medium..

this is one of the top pieces..

this is a main piece..

I filled in the whole piece of fabric..

doing the same on all pieces.. before adding details back in with the pen. 

I then added a little stamping to the background using MINI 23 and MINI 84 and one of thee hearts from EDY01

next I added a layer of Snowflake using a textured brayer..

and lastly I used the bumped stencilling technique..

now I had all my pieces painted..

I re pleated the main pieces and attached the tops. I decided to add a little definition with some piping, I made this using cotton cord and some of the lining fabric. 

I then made the lining, and inserted a recessed zip. 

I also made a pocket for the inside.. 

By now it was all getting bulky and hard to manoeuvre under the machine.. 

But finally it was almost done, just some finishing touches to add.. 

a little ribbon as a zipper pull. 

and a button detail for the front..

and so here it is all finished..

close up..

As I type this I am packing for the Doncaster show. I will be seeing Leandra the night before, so that is when she will receive this. I am scheduling this post so it will go public while I am there, as you read this she will already have the bag. Fingers crossed she likes it.. 

Darcy x


  1. wow, that's gorgeous - what a fabulous present. I am sure she will love it.

  2. Oh it's Fab Darcy! I'm sure she'll absolutely love it! xx

  3. Darcy your many talents amaze me - it is a fantastic bag. To be so completely unique makes it a real treasure. I'm sure Leandra will be thrilled xx

  4. That is really stunning Darcy, such a wonderful gift.

  5. Bet she loves it!! brilliant bright and very you!

  6. It's fabulous, lovely gift Darcy!!

  7. I ADORE IT!!

    THANKYOU Darcy for such an amazing gift. Very very cool and smart to consult with Lin! The colours are fab and perfect for me! You are too clever. Mwah xxx

  8. Love it very clever with that texture brayer :)
    Happy craftin

  9. Your bag is gorgeous Darcy - no wonder Leandra was pleased!

  10. Beautiful bag Darcy, from reading the above looks like it was loved by Leandra too ! Hope you have a good day at Doncaster too ! Sue C x

  11. No wonder Leandra loved it - it really is a work of art! Chrisx

  12. WoW Darcy that is wonderful. Leandra is a lucky girl.

  13. The perfect gift! I'm sure Leandra loves it: a real labour of love. Julie Ann xx

  14. What is there not to like??? It is really a beautiful bag - everybody would want one like that!!! She is a lucky boss lady!
    Lots of hugs,

  15. A very unique and thoughtful present Darcy, can see Leandra really loves it. Am sure she will use it a lot :-) x

  16. Wow Darcy, it's absolutely gorgeous, I bet Leandra was thrilled to bits with it, such a personal and perfect gift for her.

    So glad I was able to help.

  17. This is absolutely amazing! So lovely to have a personal and handmade gift you can wear, especially for someone who is always beautifully turned-out. Bet she loves it!

    Lucy x