Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Year Hearts

It is getting close to the end of the year...note I did not mention the 'c' word... Time to look forward to a brand new year, full of awesome possibilities.

I have a memory like a sieve, and constantly refer to lists and calendars, so I thought I would make one ready for next year.

First I took an offcut of mouting board. I painted this with BEACH HUT over that I stamped the text from both EDY01 and EDY02 using a chalk versamark ink.

I then used the cog background stamp from EDY02. I dabbed on BALTIC BLUE AND HAYSTACK ...

I have to say this was the most difficult stamp to design, very fiddly and a bit of a nightmare, but totally love this stamp as a background.

I wanted to knock back the stamping just a little, so I used a textured brayer to add a little SNOWFLAKE, not heavily, just a thin coat. You can see the brayer leaves a mesh pattern. 

Next I stamped the heart vine from EDY01 around the edges.

Then I mixed some GRUNGE PASTE... with Eggplant,Squid Ink and Little Black Dress. 

I used this through a script stencil, again around the edges. 

I then coloured the hearts with London bus and Claret, adding white highlights with a Posca pen. I brushed a little WHITE FIRE... over the grunge paste. 

This is how it looked at this point. 

I needed a focal image. I took a piece of vintage music sheet, I stamped a collage of my stamps onto it. 

I then painted part of the hearts. 

The next stage is to paint the surface with GLOSS GLAZE.. I painted on about 8 layers. Once it is fully dry, turn it over and spray water onto the back, then start to gently rub away. 

it does take a while but it worth it in the end, you are left with just the glossy glue that has the colour image in it. This is known as an 'indirect gel transfer'.

I used matte glaze to adhere the transfer to the calendar, then added a small tear off calendar pad.. 

You can find all types of different printable calendars online. I used one from HERE...

Finally adding a ribbon at the top. 

make yourself a calendar ready for next year...

Darcy x


  1. Fab calendar Darcy! Thank for the how to on that transfer technique as I've not seen that one before. The result is great.

    Lesley Xx

  2. That's beautiful!! love the gel transfer. and the GP script round the edge ... the whole thing looks amazing.

  3. Stunning looking calendar, great colour choices the Eggplant works really well round the edges. The transfer method i haven't seen before. Wondering if you can do this with Modge Podge as got this but not got the Fresco Glaze. Presuming that is what you used!

    Thanks for sharing how you created your calendar:-) x

  4. That's pretty cool, love it
    Happy craftin

  5. Wow! That is so gorgeous. I always make a few calendars as gifts & this has given me a few ideas, thanks Darcy.

  6. Love the idea Darcy thanks gor sharing - my to do list is growing lol xx

  7. Fabulous calendar Darcy ! Sue C x

  8. This is wonderful! I love that gel transfer technique and I love how you have used your stencilling in a framing way. Fab!

    Lucy x

  9. I so need to get a grip with scheduling my online time...can't believe the fabulous projects I've missed the last 2 weeks. Maybe I could use this idea to make a daily timetable...Housework 8.30 - 9.00am/1 hour online/2 hours knitting etc...with a snack table lol :D XXX

  10. Very cool! Love the hearts stamped on the music paper =0)

  11. This is fantastic Darcy!.
    C xx

  12. nice one ISD! Love the coloours with those stamps. and a fan off transfer techniques as ya know! Brill

  13. Absolutely gorgeous as usual... Love the collages hearts... I must try that!

  14. Darcy, this is absolutely fabulous! I've never seen nor heard of the indirect gel transfer ... its brilliant! Love the calendar!

  15. that's beautiful.. so glad I follow Von when she shares fabulous things! you definitely have a new follower in me!!

  16. So beautiful and creative
    Again in love with your work Darcy hon <3