Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Weekly Face on Weds #5

Well this one was a tricky one. It went through so many changes, quite drastic changes. I really wasn't sure where I was going with the whole piece, and in fact almost gave up on it completely.

I started as ever with a sketch.. so far so good, always with a HB pencil.( Nothing special, pack of 10 from my supermarket)

Then using Daler Rowney paints.. I blocked in .. this really is just that, block colours in the relevant shapes. 

Now to start adding depth .. I added thin washes of lighter colours over the dark base colours. At this point I was still happy with it. 

more thin washes, building it was here I started to lose the plot with it..

because look what happened next, she could have successfully auditioned for a zombie movie at this point. 
  I wasn't loving it at all, and was pretty much at the point of ripping it out of the book.

however, i left it alone for a week or so, and then decided to have one more go at it. This time I used Derwent Coloursoft pencils

I smoothed out the face, and worked on the bow, and felt I could rescue it.. 

Lots more pencil work..

and here she is finished, have to say I really like her now. Totally chuffed that I was able to turn around what really was a disaster, and make it into something fairly presentable. 

I could have not blogged those dreadful stages, but it is important to show you that I have bad days, lots of them, just like everyone else. it is good to show mistakes, and to show when things have been rescued. 

I try and be honest about projects, my feelings about them, and whether I found them difficult or not, it helps nobody to always show a perfect end result. 

if you are joining in leave your link in the comments. 

Darcy x


  1. Darcy, I love seeing your process! Love your comments about it, too.

  2. I'm glad you didn't stop, the end result is beautiful!!! Loved to see all the stages, thank you!

  3. Darcy I found this blog really useful thank you for sharing. I very often throw away and so found your process inspirational. Love the finished creation she's great.

  4. I initially thought you making a face for Halloween, those eyes were very spooky - which is not a bad thing in my book. The finished face is wonderful, I'm glad you didn't give up.

  5. Love the stages and changes you made and the expression transformed as it progressed. The end result is more like a sweet girl ready for a Halloween party, a transformation!
    Jo x

  6. Thats great, thank you so much for sharing the process.

  7. This weeks face is hauntingly beautiful, glad you shared your process, makes a difference and inspires those of us with doubts to carry on regardless:-) xxx

  8. Oh Darcy -- laughing so at your commentaries!! LOL I love seeing the stages -- its amazing how you worked through those zombie-terror stages! lol I love her ... she's amazing!

  9. I totally agree - I really thought I'd messed up on a CJ entry this month (luckily it's the stay with me one but still...) I really do think it helps.

    Love her totally - loved her at her zombie stage too mind you *g* But really enjoyed your processes.

  10. I really love how you saved her! I think you did a great job and I love it!

  11. Darcy Saves the day! :) Thank you for showing the process, it IS very helpful. I actually like all the phases she was in. You did a great job.