Thursday 19 June 2014

DLP Week 21

Add some embroidery to your page..

I started with this page, I had already spritzed it with inks, so I just carried on and built up the layers with stamping. I used more of my homemade stamps. I am quite liking using them now, shame they have been sat in a drawer for so long lol

Then to add some embroidery... in front of where I work is a large pin board, with all sorts hanging on it. One of the random things was a sample tassel, made over 10yrs ago. It had these machine embroidered shapes on it. I took it down and stripped them off the tassel body. 

They are piece of pelmet vilene, dyed and then embroidered and bits of fabric and ribbons attached. 

I tore out some scraps of painted paper, and mounted the vilene pieces onto the paper. 

I added some grunge paste tot he background and coloured this with Treasure Gold. I then glued in the embroidered patches, and finally stamped around them using white paint. 

Some close ups of the embroidery  and the texture of the grunge paste..

Darcy x


  1. gorgeous page, Darcy, love all those swatches of coloured embroidery!

  2. Great page love those stamps ( so much fun making and using own stuff- like no one else has them hehe) also love the pops of colour embroidery. X

  3. Lovely page, so many great colours and textures on there. Great you got to use some of your older embroidery :-) xxx

  4. Gorgeous. Love the bright colours and the texture with the embroidery

  5. looks great and u gave me some ideas, thanks!

  6. Wow, gorgeous page Darcy, the embroidery looks great.