Thursday 4 September 2014

New Face Project

Hi everyone, my face a week project sure was hard work.. finding the time to do a face I am happy with was getting I am changing. Taking away the pressure of one each week. 

It has been suggested for a while now that I work too small, and should move onto larger surfaces. this in itself is so scary, a bigger surface means mistakes are bigger too!!!

But I took the plunge and bought a sketchbook that is now DOUBLE the size of my old one...
Should you be interested, this is the one I bought.. The pages are 8.3 by 11.7 inches.

I use mostly Derwent pencils.. 

So, what have I challenged myself with?? Well recently I went off camping with the PaperArtsy team/family to V fest Chelmsford, to watch a ton of bands.. (I had never heard of most of them) We had a great time and it got me thinking about how I could create a great keepsake for myself of the weekend. 

so I made a list of all the bands and comedians that i saw over the 2 days. Turns out to be 19.. gulp.. I did think to do a collage type sketch from each day, but even on this larger paper to fit 10 heads on there would have made them tiny..

So I am challenging myself to draw a face from each band/person/act.. on bigger paper.... and they will get done as and when I have time. 

The first band we saw on day 1, was Kodaline. I didn't know much about them, had only heard them briefly before that weekend. They were ok. Not really my kind of music, but I would happily listen and sing along if I heard them now.

Here is their website  KODALINE  WEBSITE

Here is their youtube channel  KODALINE YOUTUBE

The guy I chose to draw is Steve Garrigan...

My favourite starting point..

Here it is part way through..

Here he is finished... 

I took quite a few other photos, if you would like to see them all, then watch this little slideshow. 

(Note the music in the video is not Kodaline)


  1. Ohh my!! this is so perfect, Darcy. I admire your sketching skills. great great it

  2. A4 is a great size for someone of your talent to use and you have created one of my favourite faces of 2014 so far with Steve G. Glad we are going to see more of your larger drawings! :-) xxx

  3. great size sketchbook, and your portrait - for such it is - is a staggering likeness. I've never heard of him, or the band, but it IS him!!

  4. Stunning Darcy! Like you , no idea who the band are, but your portrait is amazing! Sue C x

  5. Am quite chuffed in that I know who Kodaline are. Only because my eldest is OBSESSED with them. She SO wants to see them live but the tickets to one of their concerts are just so expensive.

    Going to show her this when she gets home later - amazing likeness Darcy. Loved the slideshow.

  6. Wow Darcy - it's a really really good portrait of him! Never heard of him before either but your sketch of him is great! Claire x

  7. Fantastic, such a talented lady! Xx

  8. This is a quite incredible likeness. You have really captured his cuteness. You should definitely send this to him.

    Lucy x

  9. Brilliant sketch! x

  10. I've shown her - she knew straight away who it was :D She said you drew the best one :P

  11. Wow Dracy you have excelled yourself!! Fantastic likeness of him (not that I hjave the foggiest idea who Kodaline are lol) mind you I am quite old!! I agree with Lucy you should send him a copy xxx

  12. Really is a very good drawing. You are getting very good. I love seeing your work which is very inspirational xx

  13. Oh my. That's pretty amazing. You obviously coped very well with the larger size and a very pleasing result