Tuesday 7 October 2014

Studying Under the Masters {Portraits}week1. Part 2.

Week one. Part Two. 

For this exercise we were asked to choose one of Vincent's watercolour paintings and recreate it. Vincent was in part a mixed media artist, he loved layering different mediums. Often using watercolours with graphite, chalk, charcoal and inks. 

I chose a piece titles Schevenigan Woman Sewing. 

I began with a sketch using a regular hb pencil. So far so good. 

Now to start painting, watercolours are so out of my comfort zone. I used a combination of  a Koh-i-noor set and a Winsor and Newton Cotman set. Here I just blocked in the shapes and added a little shading to the flesh.

Now to add more layers to create the shadows. 

Refining of shadows, and then going in with a graphite pencil to add the details. 

Finally adding some droplets of paint on the right as Vincent had those in his painting. 

I am glad I attempted this one, I found it quite hard. 

Next up is some sculpting, that should be fun.. Though I would like to go back and do a few more pen and ink sketches... decision, decisions.. 

Darcy x


  1. Wow Darcy this is very good I know how hard water colour work is and you have mastered it here beautifully. I was so inspired yesterday that I signed up too. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. Fantastic to see your finished piece. Loving all the shading and of course the droplets. Decisions indeed... Am sure we will see more pen and ink, sculpting sounds challenging but i know you will rock whatever is thrown at you:-) xxx

  3. So interesting following your progress. The layers build up beautifully and as usual, your work is stunning! Xx

  4. OOOW.....I seem to have missed the Master's call. *goes skulking to follow Master again*
    Great piece Darcy :D XXX

  5. Beautiful & I love seeing the steps :)

  6. Wow--you did an excellent job!!

  7. Wonderful! You are very talented!!
    Sandy xx

  8. Wow Darcy! Looks like you're giving these artists a run for their money! This is totally amazing! Sue C x

  9. This is amazing Darcy, you are amazingly talented.
    Claire xx