Wednesday, 19 November 2014

7 Day Challenge just 2 days..

I am a member of Jennibellie's ning, and as such I get notifications of new challenges each month. I saw this month that there was a 7 day challenge, but I just didn't have time to follow the rules of the challenge properly. 

The idea was to work on 7 backgrounds, all at once, adding a layer to each page each day...Because I was pushed for time I did 3 layers on day one and 4 layers on day 2. 

Each day(session) we were to choose an element and add it to each page. We were free to use whatever elements we wanted. 

I started with 7 pieces of old scrapbooking paper, each a different size. 

Session 1. Add paint. I brayered, scraped and dabbed paint onto the various pages. 

Session 2. Add pre-stamped tissue paper. 

Session 3. I added stencilling. 

Session 4. Add collage elements, I used stamped scraps and magazine images

Session 5. I added stamping, using ink and paint.
Session 6. I added more scraped paint

Session 7. I added blended Portfolios. 

This is how the pages ended up. These first 2 I am not keen on, really, too uhmm, not sure, bitty, dark, disjointed? whatever, just not keen on these 2. 

These 2 are ok, definitely better than the first 2. 

These last 3 are my favourites of the batch. 

So those are my 7 backgrounds done for the challenge. Not sure what to do with them now...

EDIT...I die cut most of these sheets into flowers,leaves and birds to use on birthday cards. Worked out brilliantly. 



  1. Liking your speedy version very much Darcy, all your pages are superb, will be great to see the next part of the challenge.

    While you are doing speedy why not join in the latest Speed Craft Challenge which comes out tomorrow, would love to see what you could do in 15 minutes!

    :-) xxx

  2. I love seeing how those scrapbook papers can be transformed into something beautiful and unique!

  3. I love these, such a great idea to use up old scrapbooking papers as I get through so much card stock. Love the idea of using portfolios,

    Lucy x

  4. I'm with Lucy here, what a fab way of recycling leftover papers, especially the ones you just can't feel any love for. Great layers x

  5. Interesting challenge. I always seem to work one and one. Really should try a batch like this. I like number two. They are fun. Hugz