Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Forever Memories

This year I wanted to create memory jars for 2 special people in my family, with the view to turning them into memory books for future generations on my family. 

I started by digging out lots of painted backgrounds, scrapbook papers and digi backgrounds. I then printed out 125 questions and cut them all into strips. Each was rolled or folded, and some were tied with bakers twine. 

Don't they look pretty..

I filled 2 large coffee jars with the mini scrolls

Now to decorate the jars using digi background papers and ribbons and twine. The lids have a paperclay embellshment on top. I didn't make them Christmassy looking, as these will be used through the year. 

To go with the jars I bought 2 really nice journals with lined pages. 

and a scroll of instructions and a glue stick for sticking the questions into the journals.. 

All done, hope they have fun reminiscing and answering the questions. 

Darcy x


  1. What a wonderful idea; so thoughtful and beautifully put together. These are family heirloom treasures in the making. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Darcyface. xo

  2. It is a fab idea Darcy! Those journals are beautiful and what a wonderful gift.

    Lesley Xx

  3. What a stunning idea Darcy and so beautifully presented! So thoughtful and something to last for a lifetime and beyond! The jars look really pretty and I am sure that you have chosen your recipients carefully! Absolute magic! Xx

  4. Such a great idea & everything looks wonderful.

  5. Awesome presents! I like them as well as your bread recipe! Merry Christmas!

  6. Fabulous idea and presentation, Darcy! Hope you have a great holiday season - xxx Lynn

  7. Oh, this is a very lovely idea!!
    Coco xx