Monday 2 May 2016

Wanderlust Page 7

I am amazed I am keeping up with these lol, though I am woefully behind with other parts of the course lol 

This page is inspired by the prompts 'Everything you did today'

Again I had a ready coloured background, done so long ago I have no idea what was used. 

I addded some bits of leftover papers just for texture. 

and then added more paint, around the edges is copper metallic paint. 

using charcoal pencils I added my image, and to that i added some stamping using the wings and circles from one of my latest stamp releases. 

 I added more copper and then the text which is a list of things done that day. Things such as travelling on busses, going swimming, attending a hospital appointment, having coffee in Costa. 

 Apart from the text I really like this page. 

Darcy x


  1. lovely page Darcy.... even with the text

  2. lovely page Darcy.... even with the text

  3. It is a lovely page - I like how the image really stands out and looks 3D. The text is too small for me to see properly on my phone but I think without it the page might look a little empty? Xx

  4. Love the effect you got with the charcoal. And just to prove I do take is a paper doll I made with some of your stamps
    :D XXX