Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Wanderlust page 8

Here is another Wanderlust page, this time the prompt was 'my future' I totally forgot to take photos with this one, though to be fair the technique is very simple. 

I began by adding strips of washi tape to my background. Over this I added paint, stamped with lids and added flicks. 

Then i peeled up the tape and decorated the trees. 

I love this texture.

This is so simple to do, take a look at THIS VIDEO it explains the technique perfectly. 

As for it fitting the prompt, well our futures are always uncertain.. a bit like stepping into a forest. It can look dark and scary but often there are hidden gems of beauty on the path, and thru the trees we glimpse flashes of what is ahead. 

Darcy x


  1. This looks really interesting Darcy - I like it! I like how vaguely you're interpreting the prompts lol! Xx

    1. lol thanks, I am finding the prompts themselves very vague, I wish they were a bit more specific. just trying to make something/anything to try and keep up.

  2. I love this... I really don't know how to attack this prompt. I wish they would give more specifics too.

  3. That looks a great technique...which I am definitely going to try. As to fitting the prompt...without the trees there is no fits wonderfully :D XXX

  4. Wonderful page, with a beautiful thought behind it.
    Alison x

  5. Great sentiment behind a lovely piece Darcy. Xx