Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Topic Page

This is a page in my junk journal that I am using for this years PaperArtsy topics. The fabric topic had be a bit stumped, how to get fabric in a journal... It started off bright, got really grungy and ended up with lots of texture. 

Really not sure if I like how it went, but this journal is not meant to have pretty,pretty ,polished pages. That in itself can be hard, to just let go and play.. regardless of the outcome. 

So pretty watercolours to begin. 


More layers of paint, slick stix, and doodling. 

Layers of fabric glued in place. 

and finally more stamping. 

I really don't think it is a favourite page, but I can't help but touch and stroke it, there is nothing precise or neat about it at all.. but it was very freeing to do.. so maybe there is success in that!

Darcy x

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