Saturday 20 August 2016


Another page in my PaperArtsy junk journal, this one is all about patterns. For this page I have drawn and coloured a Mandala. 

First with pencil and a compass.. 

Going over the lines with a medium grey fineliner. 

Starting to colour with Prisma pencils

More colouring..

Adding in more colours, plus shading with darker pencils. 

Once I had finished colouring I added Infusions tot he outside edges

Not sure I liked it, the outer edges looked  a bit grungy.

So I used white paint to go over the Infusions, as they are water reactive they merged with the paint and created a pleasant pale green background. 

I then added the black stripes. 

I really love this page. 


  1. oh fab! love the end result - like you, not sure about the infusion stage but just love how you rescued it.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful, Darcy, I love seeing your process for making a mandala and I love the shading and the stripes. I agree with you and Helen it was the right decision not to stick with the infusions,

    Lucy x

  3. I love this Darcy..... such a wonderful pattern

  4. Love this too, it packs a real punch of colour. Ruth x