Friday 16 September 2016

Seth Apter Tag 5

Time for another sample tag, this time we are going metallic. I started by scraping Grunge paste randomly over the card and then using Seth Apter's bubble wrap stamp and French text stamp I created texture into the paste. 


Then I added Violet Storms and Are you Cerise Infusions, I spritzed them with water and allowed them to drip down the tag. 

The sheen is subtle as you look at the tag but titled on one side it really shines. 

Next some stencilling from Seth's inside out stencil. 

 ...and some stamped wings from my stamp EDY17 the Robo star die cuts are painted with Baltic blue and Zucchini and turquoise mixed with Gold.

As I was merrily die cutting, my floor became covered in bits of card that came out of the dies, it looked like confetti.. I especially liked the shape of these bits that came from the Splatter Proof die. I painted them with Pewter. 

I am calling these bits die cut debris!

and glued them on between the other elements. 

Some detailing with black and white pens and its all done. 

Darcy x


  1. You have you on style I love that

  2. Wow! The tag is already awesome just after the background is ready (picture 2). Thanks for sharing!