Monday 3 October 2016

Back To School

Some of you may know that I am going back to school. This was not on my list of things to do this month, or even this year. it all started with my other half asking me to 'go for a ride out' with him while he registered for his 2nd year of a course that he is doing though his job. While he was doing that I got bored and was wandering around and ended up chatting to someone from the Arts and Media dept. 

I recognised her as having taught me some craft classes about 14 years ago, we chatted a bit and when i asked for info about going back to college, she suggested that I would be bored at college and that i should go straight to uni..

Cue me laughing and saying no way. Mark, Leandra, Seth and pretty much everyone at the Seth event encouraged me to do it. So when I got home I rang the uni for some info. 

Still not thinking this would ever happen. 

The tutor that I spoke to, on the Tues, said I will see you on Thurs with your portfolio.

uhmm what portfolio???!!

Weds I spent all day gluing stuff to boards, rummaging in the attic and in boxes, trying to find a selection of stuff to take. 

On Thurs morning I had to get a taxi as this lot was so heavy. 

The tutor met me at reception and gave me a quick tour of the art studios, then looked through all my stuff and offered me a place then and there to do a degree in Fine Art.  I was then whisked off to the finance dept to sort out my application for funding. 

Over the next 2 weeks, I applied for and got my fees paid, filled in all sorts of forms, sent papers off her and there, and got a letter confirming my place. It was like a whirlwind, it just spiralled and almost felt out of control. 

How did i get from 'going for a ride out' to being a university student!

So TODAY, is my first day...eek!!!

I have made a diary/filofax/fauxdori to try and keep me organised. I stitched together 2 pieces of fabric with pelmet vilene sandwiched between them. 

I also added eyelets and elastic on the inside.

For the inside I made a double ended plastic wallet. 

I also printed out 4 months worth of diary pages from a great site MyLifeAllInOnePlace, I printed out some scans of my previous work and used those as covers. 

I made another 2 booklet using squared paper, these just have plain red card as covers. on one i stamped 'notes' the other has yet to be named as i don't know what i will use it for. 

I cut down a Kraft folder to make a smaller folder to hold .. well i have no idea, but it seemed like a good idea. 

The last 2 booklets are for 'art on the go' again the covers are scans of previous projects. The giraffe booklet has sketch paper inside whilst the other one has watercolour paper inside. 

Here they are all loaded up. 

I added another piece of elastic that goes around the book to keep it closed, this has a charm added. 

Here it is all finished, i will have this with me every day, keeping me organised. 

Darcy x


  1. How exciting Darcy....enjoy your course. I love your "back to uni" stationary xx

  2. great to hear how it all happened. Hope the first day goes well and you enjoy your new student life!! your diary/organiser looks fab.

  3. Wishing you a wonderful start. Love your planner.

  4. Wow - what cool luck !! I hope you have a fabulous time and your planner looks FAB :-) xxx

  5. Absolutely awesome

    You are so talented, I would never dream that you needed to be a student. You are a talented tutor!

    Have fun!xx

  6. Good grief!!! That's a bit of excitement!!! Which one?

  7. Best of luck Darcy. Hope to hear all about uni. Knock 'em dead!

  8. Congratulations, and good luck.

  9. I wish you the very best Darcy!!! Good luck to you, have fun this year!! :o)
    Coco xx

  10. It was all meant to be! I'm so proud of you for going for it & I love your planner.

  11. Fabulous Darcy....and I will be with you spirit! Xx

  12. How absolutely wonderful for you, Darcy. So glad you took the risk and found your way to this new chapter in your life. I know it's going to be fun, albeit a bit scary, I'm sure.

    That's a fantastic planner. It shows your dedication as well as organization skills.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Darcy. I was terrifically curious about how it all came about.

    I hope today was wonderful with many successful days in your future.

    You're inspiring!