Monday 26 October 2009

Sorry for lack of updates, I haven't really made much, mojo packed up and went on holiday. But today I had a baking session. Egg and bacon flan, corned beef and potato pie and a mahoosive chocolate cake, with courgettes and pistachios in it.

These cupcakes I made a couple of weeks ago, top left is lemon, top right is beetroot,fruit and orange, bottom left is carrot,cranberry and nuts,bttom right is beetroot and chocolate. I gave
them all away to friends.

last night I made a birthday card for a friend who is a dancer. I started with a sketch, what witht he missing mojo I found one on deviant art that I liked and copied the basic shape, then modified it .

Next the outlines done with a fineliner.
I then took a large blank card, C5 size, matted blue card onto it, then made a background with promarkers which I matted onto the card.

Finally the main image is coloured with promarkers, then cut out and stuck onto the background image and matted card.

I also made this sock monster as a birthday gift, this is his story...

Originally from the planet 'GHLUTZshone',this monster is a political prisoner.He never understood his arrest,everyone hates the governement right?
Ok so he may have used a little Uranium, and some politicians may now glow in the dark,but surely that's not an arrestable offence!
Whilst being made to harvest giant man-eating tulips in the AABriki desert,he managed to steal the guards spaceship.He had heard about the infamous Guy Fawkes,and headed to Earth to join him.Unfortunately he got lost in the space-time continuum and landed some 400 years too late.
Upon discovering the delights of minty toothpaste,he decided to stay,though he is not too keen on the lack of two-headed females. His real name is impossible to pronounce unless you are willing to have each of your teeth split in half. The nearest equivalent name in English is 'Wilson'


  1. Had a gigle over 'Wilson' ...nearly licked the screen when I saw your baking ... but had to sit back in admiration of your artistic ability then I saw the card ....WOW ....and WOW again.

    PS please add recipes for your food ...especially those with unusual ingredients ....maybe you should have a recipe blog.

  2. Oh my word lady, those cupcakes look DEVINE! The card, I was amazed at how stunning it turned out! I am totally awed by your talent lady :)

    I want a sock monster, he's some cute and I love the story behind him, just adorable!