Tuesday 3 November 2009

I have been sorting through old photos, here are a few of bits and pieces that I made over the years.
At one point I did a lot of beading, this necklace was a kit, and was sooo easy to make.

This is a bookmark that I made for my Mum years ago, it is pretty big, and was made to go in a large visitors book. The design is my own, and was done on tapestry canvas.

This is a flip calendar that I made for my friend Jacqui, she has a couple of Boerboel dogs. They are the most beautiful dogs. I put a different photo of her dogs on each page. Papers used are k&Co and the whole thing was bound with the Bind-it-all.

My friend Hannah designed this bracelet and brooch set for Craft Stamper. I made myself a set in red,beige and black to go with an outfit for a party. My niece liked them so I made her a set in pink and purple.


  1. That first necklace is beautiful and could be made in so many colour vatiations ....maybe you should make more as pressies xx

  2. There's nothing you can't do Darcy! These are all lovely, and fab ideas.

  3. would love to know how to make the paper bracelet, its so lovely, having a go, but its not turning out how I would like lol

  4. The full instructions are in the Craft Stamper magazine from a few months ago. But basically it is a bunch of paper circles folded in half holes poked through and threaded onto elastic. Beads added as you go.

  5. Thanks Darcy, will try and have a look at old copies of Craft Stamper. I am getting on better now, have threaded 2 needles as it was getting really fiddly! but its so effective - many thanks again. Love ur stuff. Jo

  6. Jo.. my friend Hannah designed them. I *think* they are in July issue or somewhere around that time. They are really effective for just a bit of paper and elastic lol

    Send me a link to a photo if you get them made.

    I believe in the magazine there was a matching hairslide too.