Tuesday 11 May 2010

(If you missed Kirsty on Create and Craft pop over HERE to see all the sample cards made using the new cd.)

Hello blogland, well the lime jelly cheesecake(see previous post) has all gone and it was yummy indeed. I can see that one being made again. This week will have to be something with plums as there are some in the fridge that need using. Not much has happened this week, I had 2 hospital appointments last week in 2 different departments. One dept has now signed me off..YAY..

The past few days I have picked up one of my journals again, I am so bad for starting a project and then getting bored, however the beauty of journals is that you can pick them up and work on them every now and then…just as well as I have 4 on the go now hahaha
Saturday was our crop day, and I got myself all messy painting journal pages with Brusho paints, they are a bugger and stain your hands really badly. Four days later I still have blue hands!

Here are some of the pages. Firstly coated thickly with gesso to add texture, then washed with Brusho, then scribbled on with watercolour pencils, which are then ermmm watered!

Next stage, find a magazine clipping and stick.

Finally the filling in bit, lots of doodling, writing and colouring in. This journal isn’t particularly bout the journalling, there are no secrets or personal statements in here. Most pages have quotes on them, I just really wanted to create a book of random arty pages.

Here is one finished on the theme of 'Remembering'

and this double spread on 'Imagination' half done...

and finished...

I haven’t been working in my craft room this week, it makes my back ache to sit at the desk, so I have been working on the sofa instead. Here you can see, the journal, inktense pencils, shimmerz paints and some twinkling H2O’s,a box full of magazine bits and my Ikea pop up bin. Oh and a little house template from an old book….this may or may not get made up in cardstock at some point.


  1. Love all the work you have done in your journals ...I just want to start one!. I have found that sitting at the computer is agrivating my back ....must be the angle we sit at ....hope yours feels better soon.

  2. Love your journals the colours are fab, I have never tried making one before. They look great fun to make.

  3. Love the journal pages. I cannot work from the sofa - as soon as I settle Ineed something else!! Hope your back isn't a constant pain.

  4. Ooo..love the art pages Darcy. Thank you for the tutorial....it's amazing how they have transformed. I hope your back is less painful than of late. Another incline I had...it may also be your sofa - if you are sitting on it. I cannot sit on ANY sofa....it has to be an upright chair with a firm support. Check it out. I left you a comment on your Luscious Lime Cheesecake ...dunno how I managed to miss that post! LOL. TFS ~Glen~

  5. Absolutely gorgeous pages Darcy!