Sunday 20 June 2010

So yummy scone recipe today. I made these a few days ago, they are lovely and light and all gone!

Rose water and Passion fruit scones.

8oz SR flour

2oz sugar...( I always use golden caster sugar, in everything)

1tsp baking powder

2oz butter...( I always use real butter, never marge)

1 large egg

3 oz milk

2 tsps rosewater...(available in supermarkets)

2 passion fruits

clotted cream


Sift the flour,baking powder then rub in the butter, add the sugar.

In a jug beat the egg and milk.Take out 2 tablespoons and reserve for later.

Scoop out the insides of the 2 passion fruits, you can leave the seeds in but they are crunchy, do you want crunchy scones? if not sieve the seeds out and have them on your breakfast tomorrow, as they are excellent sources of fibre.

Add pulp and rosewater to flour , then add egg/milk and mix well to a dough

Add a touch more milk if needed, but do not let mixture get sticky.

Turn out onto a floured board, knead slightly and form into a ball then flatten down with your hands, you do not need a rolling pin...but be gentle, don't thump the dough lol

I flattened mine to about 2cms deep, any deeper and I find they are too dense/dry to eat.

Cut out with a medium cutter and pop onto baking trays. I line my trays with those £1 silicone sheets from poundland. Brush with the reserved egg/milk.

Bake Gas 6 for 12 minutes or until golden

Cool on a rack, then slice open. Put a dollop of clotted cream on each half and top with 2 halves of strawberry.

perfect size, not dry, topped with juicy strawberries...the passion fruit and rosewater give a very light,fresh taste.

Adapted from a BBC recipe.


  1. ooooh yummy scone goodness, I'll have to have a go at these methinks. Also you've created a Gesso monster in me, I can't put the stuff down, definitely the most useful item I have ever owned :)

  2. I make plain scones so then I can eat them with anything from cheese to jam but I really love the sound of yours ....YUM

  3. YUM! Thank you Darcy....I now have to go make something else! *Ü* Flour, check, butter, check, baking powder, check, golden caster sugar, check....out of cream and must have with scones, so I shall let you know how they come out. As for margarine...*shudder* - gotta be butter - in/on everything. *Ü* TFS....and for the extra calories! ~Glen~