Friday 18 June 2010

This week I was given a box of 1,000 square,brown what can I make with those?

TodayI thought I would show you some cards made in the past using promarkers , as they are all the rage at the moment. For anyone thinking all you can do is colour in Magnolia stamps, think again. They are fabulous pens, and once you have had a go you will be hooked.

This one also has prisma pencils on the arms and legs, for a softer shading. combining the 2 mediums works really well. I sometimes layer pencils over pens, to add a nice finish. This was hand drawn on bleed proof paper then cut out and stuck down over some strips of patterned paper.

This was a really simple one, again hand drawn. I copied from a gardening magazine, and just did a quick doodle round the edge to finish it.

This one took a bit longer and i wasn't happy with the shading on the leaves, but it was done just before the new 56 colours came out, so now there are more choices of colour.

I drew the dog first,cut him out and stuck him to the card, then thought it looked plain so added the flower, only it was a bit big for the card and hangs over the edge at the top, meaning I had to use a bigger forward planning here guys!

This one took ages, but I do like it, I drew an image from a manga book. The background is just doodling with lines and dots.

These 3 are from a set I sent off to soldiers serving abroad, they have no access to notepaper, so these are just blank notecards for them to send to their families.

Again , one drawn from a gardening book.

I love the way the wings turned out on this but don't like her arms and legs. I never did art at school or college, so every picture is a learning curve for me. ...and again the picture didn't fit on the card lol

This was drawn last year for a friend's birthday card.

Finally here are 2 cards made this week using the papers and images from Kirsty Wiseman's cd ROM, Colour Me Crazy. There will be a new cd launched at the end of this month so watch out for that.

That's all, see you on Sunday with a yummy scone recipe.


  1. Oooo they're gorgeous Darcy I want to get my promarkers out and play now but I sliced the end of my thumb in work this morning on the pallet truck so I can't hold them :o(

  2. hey gorgeous, these images are fabulous....what a brilliant drawer you are!

    Can't wait to see your inspiration spill onto those envelopes!

    hope your day is good!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Don't go to college you might ruin your amazing style. Fabulous. Love the one that is breaking out of the card. I love images that do that. Don't tell anyone it didn't fit 'cos it looks as though you meant it.Love BettyXXX

  4. Oh I love the cards and all those envelopes - I suggest looking at follow the paper trail on you tube, the z fold album uses envelopes and is awesome! Hope you have a great weekend

  5. I just had my first shot of prisma pencils on Monday night and LOVED them despite convincing myself I would be totally rubbish at colouring!!! These are alll lovely fantastic!!! Have a great weekend, Kirsti x

  6. Your drawings are awesome and the cards really beautiful.
    So much talent!

  7. oh i love your drawings...i think they have real life to them...and they are funny sometimes too...maybe it is time i had a go with some promarkers...

    did you get the parcel yet? :0)

  8. Thanks for the tip Darcy...Will go and look now!!! Kirsti x

  9. The manga drawings are great...and love the Kirsty cards x

  10. Great cards Darcy. As for the envelopes, how about using them to make "pocket" books? I have one on my blog somewhere, if you want to know more get in touch and I'll dig out the isntructions

  11. OMGoodness are seriously so talented. *Ü* It's been a few days since I visited your blog - sorry - I LOVE your creations...ALL of them....the cakes, the bags, the cards and the images....and your giraffe. I have one too...actually a few - in my African themed lounge. My first painting is a giraffe's head. Like you I didn't learn at school. I have always loved art but was never a good drawer. I LOVE your raven. *Ü* Will be looking forward to scones on Sunday... then I must diet! LOL. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Glen~

  12. Ooooh! You keep tempting my with pretty pictures *must resist pro markers*

    Thats alot of envelopes! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  13. Fabulous drawings Darcy :-) and much better images to colour in than Magnolia hehehe I know Magnolia images are lovely but these are more me ;-)
    Anne xx