Thursday 30 September 2010


I intended using a number generator, but when I mentioned that today was the day to pick a winner, Ian asked if he could pick out the name. I think he is desperate for entertainment lol he still has another 8 weeks in bed before he can start walking.

So here are all the names written out...

drum rollllll....

and the winner is ....


...and this is what you have won, please get in touch with your full name and home address so i can post this off to you.

The bag measure approx 12 inches x 13 inches.

It is fully lined, with a pocket on the inside.

The handles are two-coloured and add another 10 inches to the length.


  1. Congratulations to Claireliz a lucky lucky person (I'm not jealous much honest!)

  2. Crafty Womble lol know the feeling. Congrats Claireliz!!! pmsl at least I see my name written hahahahaha Darcy, that is an awesome giveaway! xxxx

  3. oooooh congratulations claire!
    and its amazing what you can get a bored husband to do, huh?? ;0)

  4. Oh Wow Wow Wow Thanks Darcy & HUGE thanks to Ian for picking my name out of the bag (as it were) :D

  5. Congratulations Clairliz :-)
    Poor Ian if that's the most fun he can have LOL
    Anne x

  6. Oooh Claire - you are one lucky girl!!!!!

  7. Congratulations, one lucky lady....

  8. Congratulations!
    Color me jealous ;)
    I am happy for you though!