Saturday 2 October 2010

Apple pie

mmmm proper wintery comfort food.

makes 2 pies approx 7 inches.

4 oz plain flour
4 oz wholemeal flour, sieve to remove the excess bits
1 oz icing sugar
1/4 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp cinnamon
3oz butter
1 egg and 1/2 TBspn water

rub the butter into the flour and spices, add the icing sugar then add the egg and water . knead lightly and cover with clingfilm, pop in the fridge for 30 mins.
Line 2 foil pie dishes and bake blind for 12 minutes

2 med cooking apples
2 oz sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
zest of 1 orange

peel core and slice the apples, coat in the sugar,orange and spice mixture.
Arrange into the pie dishes

Small tub of double cream
juice of 1 orange

mix the orange into the cream and spoon some over each pie filling, about 3 TBspns of cream per pie.

Roll out the rest of your pastry to make a lid.
Decorate with pastry leaves.
Don't forget to make a couple of slits as steam holes. Brush with milk.
Bake at gas mark 5 for 30 mins.


  1. Oh, sounds absolutely scrummy, my mouth's watering :-)
    What's the icing sugar for? I've read it twice and don't see it - hope it's not just me missing it :-/
    Anne xx

  2. oh sorry, the icing sugar is part of the pastry section. I have added in the instructions where it is to be added.

  3. hmmm Apple Pie...

    thanks for the tip on the freebie class - had a quick look - I've got a lino print lesson and a pickleberry class booked so am probably not able to find time for any additional artwork in Oct. - I also still have lots to do for my Brother (hugely time consuming and not at all positive experience) ....if I die tomorrow I shall be going straight to Art Heaven for Sure...see yout here? hah hah


  4. Mmm real comfort food I love Apple Pie.

  5. left something on my blog for you ;o)

    hugs xxx

  6. I have not been a very good friend lately. Here you are, stuck taking care of your hubby and I have practically abandoned you and your blog. I've been in an art slump and haven't been very social, I'm afraid.

    While I'm here, I will say how mouth watering yummy these pies look. I don't suppose I could hire you to cook for me too. What's one more mouth (more or less)?

  7. Ooo...Darcy, those pies look so yummy. Nom, nom, nom. *Ü* I made an apple and blackberry pie on Sunday at father in law's. This time of year brings out the nostalgia in me. I hope Ian's feet are improving and that you are getting to have 'you' time. So important when you are nursing and taking care of someone else. TFS. ~Glen~