Monday 22 August 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 33 Bargain.

I am not convinced this page works at all, well I know it doesn't...but at the end of the day these little pages are a good place to play and experiment with different techniques. I do hope you don't come here expecting to learn something or to see an amazing finished page lol goodness knows I have nothing to teach lol So I am not happy with this as a page, but I do love the techniques used.

I started with my hot glue gun, not used this in ages, I drew my pound and dollar signs on the pages and applied the hot glue on top. If I had any patience i would have made them neater. I do not have patience, so they are messy, but I like that.

The glue dries almost instantly, so you can paint straight away. I decided to gesso first, just to give a little tooth over the glue itself.

Then I started adding paint.

I watered down my lumieres to make washes and added several colours, building the layers.

Until I had the colours the way I wanted them, on both sides.

I also added a little dimensional paint and some gold wax.

At this point I was really happy with it, and would uses the steps to here again.....but this was only meant to be a background, so I had to keep going to build the page.
I added some painted paper strips.

I still really liked it, and actually it would work as a stand alone piece just like this.....

but I had to add the images for this weeks words, I used old receipts  and sale labels.I pressed them in and around the raised glue bits. I rubbed more gold wax  on and uses some alcohol ink on one of the labels. then I added my title.

For the back the treatment was the same at all stages, with the journalling being printed out and being glued on last, again pressing it down inbetween the raised glue parts.


  1. i haven't used my glue thingie in ages either. I sort of wanted to try this with fun foam in place of the glue, but only because i hadn't thought of using the glue.

    i've had wine.

    the glue seems easier and better than fun foam so i will try that.

    but i'm going to havee more wine.


  2. Hiya Darcy!
    Love your bargain page!

  3. Gorgeous texture Darcy! I'm miles behind at the moment, but just want you to know I haven't quit. Counting down the days til school starts :D XXX

  4. I love to use my glue gun..It's always plugged in on my desk when I craft. I have used to to create faux embossing on a page before but My Oh My do I love how you layered that paint and strips over your page. Truly lovely.
    @ Amy, I've done fun foam and it's totally a different texture than the glue when it's painted. Both great in their own ways.
    Thanks for a great prompt this week.