Friday 19 August 2011

My MIMM with Kirsty Wiseman is finished.

Page 14, about my handbag.

page 15, about my makeup.

page 16,about my handwriting.

page 17,about music.
page 18, about my family
page 19, about my friends.
page 20, about food.
and finally inside the back cover.
in the photos you can see lots of prompts and blank spaces, these have all now been filled in with my journalling.
There are also 20 tags, hidden in the pockets made by sticking pages together at the sides. I coloured the tags and added some texture.
Then I decorated each tag and added journalling.

here is the book all finished, really thick and colourful.
Take a look at Kirsty's journal classes, you will really enjoy playing with them.


  1. wow.
    that sure turned out neat as shit.

    i think that class looks damn cool.

    i love L.O.V.E. the tags.

    p.s. i love the tags.

    okay, i have bad breath, i'm going to turn off the computer and brush my tteeeeeth.

    and have more wine.


  2. These are lovely pages! It must be very rewarding to turn them. I really like that top one of the silhouettes of what's in the bag. :)

  3. Fab pages Darcy, so many lovely colours.

  4. thick and colourful -t hat's me!

    I thought i was up to date with my pages, but I'm still a week behind -


    love your journal

    new window is in, one wall left to plaster, soooo tired...