Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snowy snow!

It's that time of year again, freezing cold and snowy. i am not a huge fan of the snow, I mean it looks pretty when it is all soft and fluffy and glistening in the moonlight...and you are inside sat by a fire... However being out in it is another matter. We are very near the coast, and so the snow turns to slush very quickly, goes black and yukky and then tends to freeze over making walking really hard work.

My wellies have been getting a workout.

So in honour of the white fluffy stuff I thought I would show you  this snowman page that I made for RHOMANY... This is her YOUTUBE CHANNEL go and subscribe, she has some awesome art videos to watch. 

I started with text stamped all over the background.

Then I added some white and blue acrylic paint..

Next I ripped up some xmas patterned paper and added that.

Then I added drips  and scrapes and circles and stencils all in acrylics..

Finally I cut a snowman from book text and added that, finishing with doodles and lots of glitter. 

I hope you are having fun in the snow. x


  1. Ha! Great page Darcy :D I just watched the pretty snow through the window, and sent hubby out to the shops lol :D XXX

  2. Love it Darcy, love your journal page. The white stuf went as quickly as it came in Billingham. It went to zero to ten in 24 hours! Its crazy. Glad its gone now, maybe we can finally meet up. Michelle x

  3. Wow fabulous artwork Darcy, personally I'm glad to see the back of the snow at the moment, but apparently there might be some more coming back grrr!

  4. Lovely page. I was so busy reading the text that I didn't see the snowman until last ...and then the message and snowman clicked. I liked that, the delay before I took in the whole.