Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Woolly things..

The cold weather always makes me want to knit, so here are a few things that have been done recently.

First up, I saw a photo on FB of some covered headphone wires, and couldn't resist having a go. They were really easy to make. I used up some leftover sock yarn and just a basic crochet stitch.  A bit naff? well maybe, but I actually love them, and having the thicker wire means they don't tangle up as much.

Next up is this scarf, SWISS CHEESE SCARF. It is a free pattern over on Ravelry. I downloaded it probably a couple of years ago but only just got around to making it. 

As you can see it is full of holes, it takes a bit of practise to get the pick up stitches tight, but on the whole it is an easy pattern. 

I had no idea how long to make it, the pattern doesn't say. But apparently a scarf should be roughly the same as your height. This meant even though I am small I still had a lot of knitting to do. it did get a bit tedious at the end. I don't always block, but i decided to block this so that the holes would be more circular. It is so long I had to pin it out onto a camping mat.

Another little project from Ravelry, this time  A BOBBLE BRACELET, this took no time at all to make.

 and soon I was wearing it..

Just because it is super cute, I made this mousie....(pattern on Ravelry)

Finally I saw a couple of people on FB talking about Babette blankets that they were crocheting. Now I have been looking for a blanket pattern for a while. I had intended to knit one, but OMG they take so much yarn and work out ridiculously expensive. So when I saw the BABETTE BLANKET I decided this was the one for me...especially as it takes less than half the yarn. 

I have been doing a square a day, keeping it relaxed and unhurried, in amongst all my other projects.

Here are the squares done so far.

The main colours are grey,black,white,stone and airforce blue...keeping it all fairly neutral. i decided to edge all the squares with lime green. this will make joining them neater and will add a little colour throughout without being overpowering. 

What woolly things have you been doing?


  1. haven't done any knitting for ages....maybe I will now :D XXX

  2. Fun to see! I've knitted a pair of socks, two-at-a-time and toe-up because I had never done that before and I just started an Icelandic sweater.
    Oh, and this night I had my first spinning lesson. Loved every minute of it! Can't wait to practise again tomorrow... It's such a magical thing to spin your own thread! And it's far from perfect but still... Magic! ♥

  3. Your scarf is to die for and you've made it beautifully. I started a crochet blanket last March when someone suggested doing a square a day so you have 365 in a year. In 6 weeks of crochet only when a passenger (so waste time) I finished my first one and now I'm on No6!! I now do wave(ripple) stitch so there's no sewing up at the end and I love them.
    Jo x

  4. What great projects, and it's so good to see younger people taking up all the old needle skills. I must tell my twenties grand-daughter about the sites you mention - in early twenties she is passionate about knitting, crochet, etc, and did makeme a pink mouse.
    You bring up a treasured memory of the comfort my mum's many crocheted coverlets, so lovingly made.
    Thanks for the memory, as the song says. Love the scarf, and would never have thought of knitting a cover for earphone wires.