Thursday, 25 July 2013

Guest Blogging for PaperArtsy July project 4

This is my last project for this month, and has been a total labour of love to make. I have shown snippets of 'him' in progress over the past 3 months and I know many of you have been waiting to see the finished piece.

So here he is...

if you want to see how I made him...there are 2 short videos... then head over to the PAPERARTSY BLOG...


  1. It looks amazing - a real labour of love, but well worth it!

  2. Wow - he's gorgeous! I'm off to see him again over on the Paper Artsy blog.

  3. Oh how lovely! A super project - well done.
    Sue x

  4. OMG, Darcie!!! You giraffe is SPECTACULAR!!! So glad someone mentioned it on Jim's show tonight. I just finished watching your 2nd giraffe video and I can't believe you made this little guy...soooo danged cute!!!I'm definitely going to spend some time going through your blog in the next few days.
    Barb A aka texasbarb

  5. After watching the vids and seeing just how much work went in to this, I am astonished. I actually thought you had bought the Giraffe from Hobby Craft. As they sell paper ones to decorate at home. But this is much more substantial. I bet he weighs a fair bit lol I know I have missed the competition but I thought there are so many African names that would suit him sticking to the letter G for alliteration of Gadar meaning perfection, Gabai meaning Delight and I really like Gabor meaning God is my strength. Wonderful work Darcy Let us all know what he gets named Dxx

  6. Wow! You finished your giraffe! It looks amazing :-)