Thursday 20 February 2014

Lollipop Garden

I love to take not just stamps but parts of stamps and create whole other images with them, you should have fun with your stamps, cut them apart and put them back together in as many ways as you can think of. I love the lollipop flowers from  EDY06 as they are... but I wanted to extend them and make them into giant lollipops. 

I started with this 6x6 flat canvas. I created a very subtle background by stamping the bubble background stamp all over the canvas using Snowflake Fresco. 

This first layer creates a resist, once dry I added Tango, Autumn Fire and Blood Orange.. Each was loosely brushed on and then wiped off . The canvas is delicately coloured and the original snowflake peeks through from the background. 

Next I stamped and cut out the heart-in-a-circle flower head from EDY06, I cut them apart, as I only required the rings.  I glued them onto roughtly torn circles of book text. 

to create the stems, I painted some heavy smoothy  with various greens, then I took 3 separate words . Reach..Bloom and Grow from my stamp plates and repeated them in lines. 

Next I coloured some more smoothy and stamped the lollipop heads. Once cut out I needed to find a way to raise them up. A small wooden cotton reel would work, as would a bingo counter, but I had neither of these. so I punched out a stack of card circles, glued them together, and painted them.... Voila! 

For the grass, I used the border/stem stamp from EDY06....remember to use the stamps for different purposes. This can be a border, but also a flower stem.... and in this case I just used different lengths to create grass. 

Here you can see how the lollipop heads sit on the circle stacks that I created. 

Finally I painted and stencilled  more smoothy and stamped the 3 sets of leaves one from EDY05, one set from EDY06 and the third set from the flower mini 03.  

Once everything was glued in place I added my finishing touches using a white Posca pen. 

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to cut stamped images apart and mix them up. 

Darcy x

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  1. Pretty the lollipops flowers, Your stamps is very flexible and fun. I love the background too. xx

  2. You amaze me! We all get so tied up using stamps in "sets" that we don't believe they will work with anything else. Brilliant :D XXX

  3. Lovely art Darcy, thanks for the inspiration
    Alison xxx

  4. What a beautiful piece of art and love how you have taken elements from different stamp sets to create this!! Fabulous!!

  5. This looks fab, love seeing the sideways view!

    Lucy x

  6. That is a very cute canvas, the lollipop flowers are lovely.

  7. LOVING your huge lollipop garden canvas, so full of life and energy. Fantastic depth and textures, a wonderful piece of ArT :-) xxx

  8. Cute how you popped up the flower centers. A fun piece