Wednesday 19 February 2014

Weekly Face on Weds {Miss Agnes..}

Here is another of my big haired girls, I love making these with their funky hair-do's full of stamps. 
I started with a light sketch, on heavy smoothy  then I stamped the images onto scrap paper, cut them out and cut them apart. Now I could play with placement to get a better idea of how things were going to come together. 

I then started to fill in her face using Snowflake,Nougat,Rose and Irish Cream. These are my go-to colours for skin tones. However since our newest colour Chalk has been introduced as a limited edition I am finding that I prefer that over the snowflake. 

Here you can see I chose to make the left side in shadow, so that becomes the darker side, with more Rose and Irish Cream on that side. 

I then blocked in the hair using Eggplant, Spanish Mulberry and Candy Floss

I blocked in the green 'roads' first with Sage, and then with blends of Hey Pesto and Green Olives. I also went over the hair again, adding in shading and highlights with the same 3 purples/pinks used previously. 

I wanted the snail  from EM04 to be the main focal image, as he travels the twisty mountain road up her hair. I stamped him onto tissue paper. I coloured the fiddly bits from the back and the easier parts from the front. then I cut a curve out of him, so that it looks like he is behind the upturned fringe.  next I created a traffic lights, again on tissue paper, using the water reed flower head from EDY05

I then decided to work on the background. I used the star stamp from EDY08, and some Snowflake fresco. I stamped randomly all over the background and left that to dry. 

The Snowflake stars then became a resist. I brushed Tango, Guacamole and Space Cadet over the background, quickly wiping them back to reveal the stars. I also added some budding grasses from EDY05 around the hairline, along with some of the lollipop flower heads from EDY06. Once painted they were cut in half and glued to the hairline.

Next I painted some tissue paper and stamped more lollipop flowers, and the heart from EDY06 and the heart from the birdies wing EM02. I created mini stems for them all using the border stamp from EDY06

Now a lot of elements were in place I added in some shading using French Roast, I love this colour for adding depth. I added small dashes of Snowflake to the green bands to indicate road markings. 

See this little chap, isn't he cute? I stamped his body using one of the small swirls in the background stamp on EDY07, his wings came from the flower stamp EM03. I painted and stencilled the tissue paper first, then stamped in black archival over the top. once he was glued in place I added antennae with a black pen and some highlights with a white pen. 

Finally I made it to the top of the hair, the fence was created from the petals of the large flower on EDY05. Again I painted the tissue paper first then stamped on top. Then I stamped and stencilled more tissue paper for the mushrooms from EM01. The sign is just 2 pieces of tissue paper, one stencilled the other just painted and stamped. 

and there you have her mountain of hair...

To frame her face I used the border from EDY07, cutting it in half so that it curled down each side. To frame the whole page I rubbed on a little blue and purple portfolios, and finished the edge with a little Treasure Gold. 

At this point, all I needed to finish off was her face, this took me a lot longer than I anticipated and gave me no end of trouble lol

I finally got there, and finished off by painting tissue paper with Blood Orange and Vintage Lace, then I stamped the teeny heart from EDY07. I attached this to her cheek with matte glaze. 

So here she is all finished. Say hello to Miss. Agnes. She is looking rather quizzical at what is going on in her hair...

Hope you enjoyed seeing her come together. 

Darcy x

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  1. Oh what fun miss Agnes's must have been to create. Great hair do. I do love your girls x

  2. I love Miss Agnes! She's just great.

  3. Fab use of the eyes. Lots of fun! Xx

  4. Miss Agnes is exquisite & very unique. She has amazing eyes & hair that words cannot describe as it is in another world.

    STUNNING face Darcy:-) xxx

  5. OMG Darcy, fantastic to see your process here. Love the hair. Love the colours and how you used bit of different stamps to create totally new images. Note to self - look for the possibilities. How did you do those eyes?? So fantastic. Love the glitter. Gorgeous

  6. Oh she is such fun and it's amazing how she developes. I bet that she is very tactile - I love to run my fingers gently over all the added little stamped elements on her hair/top knot - so original as always - and show cases your stamps beautifully

  7. That is so clever, I love the heart coming down from her eye!

    Lucy x

  8. Miss Agnes is too much fun...wild and kin of woman!! :)

  9. That's great idea and fun Darcy! Colours are so beautiful, I love the snail(Katatsumuri in Japanese). xx

  10. Wow this is fabulous, and thanks for tutorial especially colours used for face, have you gone in with pencils after on the face? I love everything about this quirky piece x

    1. Hi. I didn't use pencils on this one, just frescos. On other faces i have started with acrylics and then added prisma pencils. The 2mediums work well together.I've been known to add in aquamarkers too, anything goes lol

  11. Absolutely amazing!! Love it!!
    hugs and xxx

  12. It is so gorgeous. I fell madly in love with it at Stamperama, that little snail is adorable.

  13. Miss Agnes is wonderful Darcy! I love the little heart! xxx