Monday, 16 June 2014

DLP Week 20

Use a stamp in an unusual way. 

I started by adding dressmaking paper to the page. 

I added a little paint and some stamping. 

More stamping and some white to knock it back. 

I then added some haberdashery stamps, once stamped I quickly rubbed over them to blend them into the background. 

I added some painty lines using an old credit card along the top and bottom edges, once dry I added the black and white dots. 

I then added the dress form, inked in black and then clear embossing powder added. 

I made some paper pulp and used it to create some paper casts of stamps. Once dry I painted it and highlighted it with Treasure gold, then glued it over the dress form. 

See how I make my papercasts HERE...

Finally I printed this quote onto tissue paper and glued it down. This is a great way to add text that is too fiddly to cut out, as once glued the tissue paper almost disappears. 

You can just to say see the white of the tissue, this is easily blended in by adding a little paint just with a fingertip. 

Darcy x


  1. I didn't know you were doing DLP too Love b the paper pulp idea Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Impressed with your paper casting bodice, looks amazing Darcy. Enjoyed the process of seeing your background page, love the quote :-) xxx

  3. Terrific page Darcy.

  4. Wowzer... paper casts now, eh? Looks just stunning with the gilding - off to check out the link, thank you!
    Alison xx

  5. Brilliant page, not tried the paper casting yet, still on the lookout for some net! The gilded corset is gorgeous x

  6. That's a fabulous page Darcy, thanks for reminding me to have a try on your technique of papercasts! The dress is really awesome. Coco xx

  7. I love this. I've often seen patterns at car boot sales & charity shops & thought I could do something with those but not known what so not bought them - I will now!

  8. Absolutely awesome page and I love the papercast technique so much.

  9. Love the bodice. Such a cool embellishment