Monday 3 November 2014

Playing Catch-up

I have been so busy i got way behind with my DLP pages, however I am determined to finish it. So here are a few older pages that I have just got around to doing. 

So the oldest one I need to finish was Week 16. Add a cardboard food packet. Thanks to MOH for the cardboard letters. 

I started by adding a sandwich menu to my page then adding sprays and paints. The border is stamped with a hand carved border stamp. 

I then added the quote.. "laughter is brightest where food is best"

Next up is week 19, Document a Rak from you to someone else. I bought some Fairy Power Spray for my friend Gillian, as she couldn't find any near her. 

she's a very sparkly fairy.. 

Week 24 was to add book pages. I glued down some pages and then painted over then, Finally I added a reading quote. 

Week 25 saw us adding hearts all over the page. This is my page with the flap closed.. 

and the flap opened.. the hearts are drawn, die cut and stamped.. 

Week 26. Add a bible verse or a line from a book... I did a line from a film instead. 

Week 30 required us to create a 'smash' page.. add anything and everything...

So there we have 6 pages caught up on... I shall aim to have a few more done soon. 

Darcy x


  1. Glad you are catching up Darcy, fab pages. I need to catch up last 3 weeks, have been prepping and hope to get done this week.

    Did you read about DLP 2015 yet? More videos, more Guests and they have chosen very expensive journal to work in, sounds great not sure if i will join in though. Still contemplating...

    Looking forward to your next catch up pages:-) xxx

  2. Love all your pages but particularly love week 25 with all the hearts and the flap.

  3. Lovely pages Darcy! I had fun All pages and I have a very curious to the fairy spray!! xxx

  4. Gosh, love lots of these. Every one I thought ooh got to comment on that and that and that. But they are all fab so I will just say love the inside outside dog quote, the hearts are a technocolour delight, and I love the idea of using the letters from the cereal box. Hugz

  5. Ooh I love this, love the hearts and the bits that open out!

    Lucy x