Sunday, 8 February 2015

New Stamps. ATC's

hi everyone, wow what a crazy, mental, fantastic week we had last week. I hope you had as much fun as we did. it was jam packed with inspiration.... so many ideas buzzing around my head now. 

If you missed it go and see my launch HERE. it is worth a visit, there are so many samples to see and a fabulous promo video. 

So, as promised over the next couple of weeks I will show you step outs of all my samples. (or at least the ones that I remembered to take photos of, believe me it got crazy towards the end of the sample making period)

First up is a trio of ATC's. if you saw the promo video, you will have seen them there and you will have heard Leandra musing over how the letter R was done lol

I began by cutting 3 pieces of heavy smoothy to ATC size, that is 2.5inches by 3.5 inches each.
On the first one I blended Beach Hut, Inky Pool and Orchid
On the second one i blended Pumpkin Soup and Autumn Fire
on the third one I blended Guacamole, Tinned Peas and Hyde Park

These were all blended with the black side of cut n dry foam. once dry I then stamped each one with a background pattern. I used the borders from EDY13, EDY14 and EDY11. I used Archival inks, and chose colours that were similar to the background paints. 

Next I mounted each card onto black card, and then mounted all 3 onto more heavy smoothy. 

At this point they looks a little bland, and even though I knew the focal images would be the white letters I still wanted something more in the background. I dipped a credit card into Little Black Dress and added some scratchy lines across the cards. 

So now to create the letters. I stamped the stem from the large flower on EDY12, several times onto smoothy card. This was fussy cut out... really not as tedious as you might think, it was actually quite quick. 

For the R obviously I needed a curved piece, this somewhat baffled Leandra in the video. I promise there was no magic or tomfoolery, I simply bent the stamp. Have you noticed how skinny all our flower stems are? go and look at them. they are all skinny, this means you can bend them and position them whichever way you want. 

Voila, curved stem..I cut this out too. I ran a black marker along all the edges to cover the white core of the paper. 

All I needed to do then was cut the stem strips into different sizes and form the letters. 

You can see I left them uncoloured, this makes them pop against the background. 

The final step was to just add a little shading along one side with a Stabilo All pencil. 

Here they are all done, I really like this colour scheme, and I love,love this flower stem. it is of course screw heads on the stem, but from a distance it kinda looks like a pile of bones... lol 

I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial, have a go.... get bending your stamps... Don't forget all my new stamps are available NOW from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer, please do support the little independent shops. 

See you soon with another of my launch samples. 

Darcy x


  1. That's awesome:)...ingenious. It should go pride of place as inspiration:). Xxx.

  2. loved it on the video and even though I knew how you'd done it, cos you tweeted or something, it's nice to see it bent on camera!!

  3. Love the ATC's Darcy, what a great idea to bend the stamps.
    Claire xx

  4. I loved this the moment I saw it on the video, it's terrific.

  5. I love these ATCs... and the bending of the stamps is definitely something I will be trying

  6. Great sample, I think they look a bit like bones too! Love how you created the backgrounds and that little pop of black really makes a difference Xx

  7. This trio is fabulous Darcy, thank you for your fab tutorial. And yes, your new stamps and this flower stem in particular are really fantastic!! xx

  8. Very cool. What a great idea to make your own alphabet. Hugz