Friday, 1 May 2015

Calendar Challenge 2015: May

Time to link up again, many thanks to everyone who joined in last month. 

Here is a reminder of the rules for May. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Make marks,... scratching or stamping into texture paste/thick gesso/spackle/glue anything that will hold the shape
3. Add – an image that depicts your star sign/horoscope (drawing,painting,magazine image)
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from May 1st 2015

I really struggled with this page. I wasn't expecting to as i did think the original page had plenty of options.. 

Eventually I decided to keep just the 2 central characters, and I gessoed out the rest. 

I then began to transform them into 2 flamenco dancers, this is where I came unstuck. the image I had in my head was way better than this. 

I added text stamping around the edges

I applied grey and red paints to the bottom section and also added the same stamping. 

I felt the ladies needed feet, so added those, bringing them down onto the bottom page. 

I stamped the dates using  a ransom style alphabet set, and the month name from another set. These are both clear stamps and so old now i cannot recall who they are from. 

Next to add the elements from this months rules. I tinted some grunge paste and then made marks in it with bottle caps and a cocktail stick. 

The other rule was to add my star sign. mine is Aquarius and is depicted by zig zag type waves. I had cared this stamp a log time ago and it worked well as a border. 

I finished off the top half by adding various shades of Treasure gold over the grunge paste.

Not totally happy this month, there are elements that I like.. the colour scheme, the hand carved stamp, but the image not so much.. 

Link up your calendars and then go visit each other.

Here are the rules for June.
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Create glue or paint skins and add them to your page
3. Add – a receipt or ticket stub
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from June 1st 2015

Here is the link for May.


  1. Your Flamenco dancers are fab, love the movement you have brought out from your background.

    Love your pages, always inspirational Darcy:-) xxx

  2. I too made a relatively "quiet" page this month...maybe it is just time to take a deep breath :D XXX

  3. Now that's some texture ^5 Love Love how you dressed this up


  4. I know I've said this before but I love how your art mind works...I'm so literal in my interpretations...more like illustrations than art. This was very difficult for I apologize for my result that I really don't care for. Perhaps next time... Yours was wonderful, Darcy!!

  5. I love your flamenco dancers! I'm also an Aquarian!

  6. Do you have any links to glue or paint skins techniques, Darcy?

  7. Another gorgeous calendar transformation.

  8. Cool. Love your ladies. Hugz

  9. I love your ladies - they will be warmer that way too!! Chrisx

  10. The first link is the wrong one - don't know what happened!! Could be an age thing!!! Chrisx

  11. ooh don't you just hate when you can't get that exact image from your head onto the page....I love your flamenco dancers though and think it' a great page ! Esther