Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Calendar Challenge - July

Hello friends, here we are again, time for another calendar page and link up. 
A reminder of the rules for July.. 
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Use the bumped method of stencilling. 
3. Add – your face, a photo or drawing.. If you really cant bear to use your own face then cut one from a magazine... But no face stamps!
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from July 1st 2015

Here is how my page started. 

After a thin coat of gel medium I added a coat of white gesso, just leaving the central image. I also whited out the face area. 

I started colouring the background by blending a couple of colours. Next i filled up an acrylic block with month stamps, i used these with a brown ink to stamp randomly in the background. 

I added some contrasting colours and a little stencilling. 

More stencilling, this time with an alphabet stencil. 

Now for the bumping technique. The bottom layer of the arrows isturquoise, the stencil is then shifted or bumped slightly and the top layer of white is added. It is a very effective technique and gives a great drop shadow. 

I added a little more black with the side of a credit card. 

I recreated most of these steps on the bottom half of the calendar. 

I stamped the month and days and added the numbers with a black posca pen. 

Now back to the top, i sketched my face into the space that I had left. 

Added this quote as it seemed fitting.. 

And here is the top half finished.. 

And the bottom half.. 

I really like this page, one of my faves for sure.. 

So here are the rules for next month.. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Use found objects to stamp with
3. Add – a silhouette
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from August 1st 2015

Here is the link up for July. 


  1. Darcy, you did your bumped up stencils so well...I've never done it before though I've certainly worked with stencils. I found it challenging so I only bumped up small your end result!!

  2. Lol...was that motto aimed at me? Really enjoyed the new technique. Love learning something new :D XXX

  3. Great interpretation and such a fun page!

  4. That is brilliant! I love it!

  5. Love your self portrait Darcy. I have done my July page, but not sure Mr Linky is working!

  6. I love - that's to say - LOVE your calendar.

    oh so that's the bumped stencil tech - lol, I didn't quite get it,

    but Say La V


  7. Absolutely fab! Although prefer your smiley face to a screaming one! Ha ha! Love C xxx