Friday 22 January 2016

Best In Blue

Here is number 2 of my embossed cards. i began by melting Melt It powder with WOW embossing powder in Whirlpool, and also some chicks cut from a hot glue stick ( the kind you put in a hot glue gun) I wanted the embossing to be less brittle and the addition of the glue helps with that

I poured everything out onto a non pourous sheet and spread it a little with a metal palette knife. I didn't want a solid piece, i rather like the gaps. 

While that was cooling I dabbed some paint onto a piece of card. I used PaperArtsy Fresco in Cherry Red, China and Pansy. 

I scraped the paint across the card, and added a little white too. 

I then added random amount of embosing powder over the paint. I used Vintage Amethyst, Whirlpool and Strawberry Crush

I have all my embossing powders stood in a drawer, lids upwards. to see which is which I took off each lid and pulled out the little foam/plastic circle. I then embossed a circle of card for each colour, popped it into the lid and replaced the foam/plastic circle. Now I can look down into the drawer and see at a glance which colour I need. 

Look at that random sparkle.. 

This card has a linen texture, I dry brush paint accross it, just enough to pick up the texture. I then embossed the text from HPXT03 using WOW Ebony. 

I peeled up the Whirpool embossing from the sheet and cut 2 hearts from it. I like how they are lumpy and a bit shabby... perfect. The text was mounted onto the dry brushed card and turned into a small tag. 

Just before mounting everything together I flicked some Nougat Fresco  paint across the background. 

Try some freehand embossing in your backgrounds.. 
Darcy x


  1. This is gorgeous Darcy. Love The randomness of texture and sparkle....lovely!

    Lesley Xx

  2. It's wonderful, Darcy!!! All these projects with embossing powder... I might just have to pull mine out!! :-)

  3. Lovely! Even lovelier in real life!

  4. Wow! Darcy, that is gorgeous!!!