Sunday, 21 February 2016

Journal Playground

The very gorgeous and talented Kylie Fowler has released an online workshop called Journal Playground. This is a 4 week course, and covers the basics of making your own journals , 4 of them, creating protective covers and also a step by step instructional journal page within each journal. 

These four journals are all constructed differently and once made will keep you going for a long time filling them with artwork. 

Check out Kylie's 'About Me' page HERE Kylie lives in Australia with her husband, 3 children and animals. she has the most delightful accent and is visually very inspiring as well as informative. 
 I love this line that she uses..

"My aim is to show you how easy it is to draw, by encouraging you to play (like we did as children), to make a mess, to embrace mistakes and work through them. "

Once you have registered and have access you will find lots of information, the classes are separated out into weeks and you have indefinite access. This means you do not need to rush through the classes, you can take your time. There is also a Facebok group where people are encouraging each other and sharing their work. 

The thing I am enjoying most so far is that Kylie is urging us to 'use what we have' and so far I have made use of some very old and unloved scrapbook papers. I used these to create my Week 1 journal. 

Kylie takes us through the construction process in 3 great videos. 

This is followed by a couple more really clear videos on how to make the cover, I haven't done that bit yet, but I do intend to. 

Finally for Week 1 we are treated to 8 yes EIGHT more videos showing how Kylie created her own journal page. 

We are encouraged to either do the page as Kylie shows or to go off on our own tangent, which of course I did. The videos are packed with info on using different mediums such as paint, pencils and markers and lots of examples of shading. if you are keen to learn how to do whimsy type faces then the videos on drawing and shading the faces and features will help you a lot. 

I won't show you Kylie's page, but I urge you to sign up to the class and see it. here are a few photos showing how my page came together. 

and the finished page.. 

We have just done Week 2, though mine isn't finished yet,; I will pop back and blog again when I have the page done in that journal. 

Whatever online classes you are planning on taking this year, this one is a great starting place. once you have your 4 journals made you can fill them with any kind of art, either on your own or use them in class that you are signed up to. 

Darcy x


  1. wow this sounds great! love the page you've shared.

  2. So much detail in the pages you created x

  3. Awwwwwwww Thank you so very much sweet Darcy. xoxo

  4. That page is gorgeous, just lovely.

  5. Looks a wonderful class :D XXX