Wednesday 20 April 2016

Tilly Tomato Head

You may remember on launch night I challenged Lauren Hatwell to create a funny character using my stamps. I made one too, it was a lot of fun. Here is the tomato girl that I made. 

I started with a large tag and coloured it with black gesso. Then using my new stencil PS030 I used the random edge and a white posca pen to create this wonky chequerboard. 

I then used China Fresco to colour alternate areas. 

using red and black posca pens I added the border. 

Using my circle stencil PS031 I added circles of grunge paste to the blue squares. While the paste was still damp I scratched lines into each circle using a cocktail stick. Once dry I painted over the paste with more China and then added Treasure Gold. 

Now to create Tilly.. 

Her eyes are the centre of the Poppy from EDY19. 

Her mouth is half of a dotty circle from EDY17

Her hair is shaded lines from the centre of the frilly flower on EDY18

Once these were in place I drew around them to make the edges of the face and then painted her. 

Her body is the flower head from EDY17

The wings are half of the wings from EDY17

The skirt is the large frilly flower from EDY18

The button is a texture circle from EDY19

Her legs and shoes are the spikey grasses from EDY18

I just love how she turned out. I added text taken from 2 quotes, I felt she was a little wild lol

Why don't you grab some of your stamps and see what crazy character you can come up with. 

Darcy x