Monday 18 April 2016

Eye See You

Another sketch in my coffee shop/animal journal. I do really like doing eyes.  This time I am using Caran d'ache Supracolour pencils, they are watercolour pencils. 

I used a waterbrush to blend them. The ones I use are Kuretake medium and fine. If you have never used a waterbrush you really should try them and Cult Pens have them at a great price. 

I have to admit with getting a bit bored with all the green.. 

So it took longer than I intended.. 

This paper is super sucky too so it grabs the paper and bleeds quickly, of course it is not meant for watercolour. 

But I do like working over the text and having it show through. 

All finished, or at least as much as it is going to be. These aren't meant to be finished pices of art, just studies of animals. 


I am hoping to get better at both animals and watercolour mediums this year.. What things would you like to improve in your art? Why don't you start a journal dedicated to improving just one thing.. Don't put any pressure on yourself, just pick up that journal when you feel like it and fill it up with practice pieces. 

Darcy x


  1. Is this your self challenge for 2016?...the green may have been boring to work, but it looks wonderful from here :D XXX

    1. hiya, kind of. It's not so much of a challenge just me trying to make myself do the things i know I am not good at. I am also on a mission to try and catch up/actually do some of the online courses i have lol

  2. EYE see what you painted there..ouch..looking good even tho u got bored. Looking forward to EYEING what you will paint next..i;ll stop now

  3. Fantastic results that this book is dedicated to one specific goal.
    My goal for this year is not to try to produce finished pieces but to experiment more and find my own style! Easier said than done!

  4. Super AWESOME - I think this is fantastic :-)
    I've only just started art journaling so pretty much timid about everything !!! hahahaha

    IKE xx

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