Friday, 8 April 2016

Wanderlust Book Pages

Here are 2 more pages in my Wanderlust book. This first one came with the prompt 'what do you see in the mirror' I wasn't sure I wanted to do a self portrait, but then I found this page in my journal. This is a background started many years ago, like most pages in this book. It is Neocolor II crayons and acrylic paints. It seemed perfect . 

So I added a double border using Metallic pens and Portfolio pastels. 

I then added liquid pearls. 

and using paint markers I did this sketchy weird colours portrait. 

Added a little more shading and it's done.. hope I don't actually look like this .. maybe first thing in the morning lol

The other page is based on the prompt, 'my past' ..

Again I had a background already done.. 

Then I printed off a photo of me from when I was 6 or 7. At this age I was taking dance classes 4 times a week. 

The dress had a lemon yellow underskirt made of net, the top part of the dress was white with sheer sleeves. I was wearing my Grandmother's necklace and bracelet.. I still have those. Oh and the shoes were silver. 

I also had ringlets in my hair, created by sleeping the previous night in 'wrapped rags'.. gawd I hated those things. 

So I applied Mod Podge to my image and attached it to the page. I brayered it to ease out any air bubbles and left it to dry. 

We danced to many types of music in the classes. I took Ballroom, Latin. Modern Sequence and Disco classes, so there was a huge range of music. However the only one that has stuck in my mind is 'Save all your Kisses for Me' by Brotherhood of Man. So I wrote the lyrics out onto the page. 

This was a quick and simple page and definitely from my past as i don't dance at all these days lol Though a few years ago I began tap dancing, the class is just too far away to get to.. I should look for another one. 

For someone who doesn't dance I do have 3 pairs of dance shoes!!! I really should get back to classes
Darcy x


  1. what fabulous pages Darcy!

  2. What gorgeous papers and I love your girl. nice art collection!

  3. Oh you are sooooo cute lol Both images are just wonderful :D XXX

  4. I love both pages, they're gorgeous.

  5. The first page is fabulous!!!! But I love them both, as your your other pages Darcy..
    And I take the opportunity to congratulate you for your amazing creation published in Craft Stamper, a big WOW!!!!
    Also your last page posted is gorgeous! :)
    Thanks for sharing all your art, always generously, so much appreciated when I can visit you...
    Until my next visit! :D Hugs xxx

  6. I love your work and especially this one.
    Thanks for sharing how you made it! I can't understand how you managed to get the photo's background to vanish so well after applying modge podge.... Did you color over the background or do an image transfer?