Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Weekly Face on Weds

Today I only have a WIP for you. I like how it is going so far, but there is a lot left to do on it. There is every possibility I will move onto something else lol

anyway here is what I have so far..
pencil sketch..

undercoat of paint..

adding in deeper areas..

adding the blackest areas..

switching to pencils and starting to smooth it out.. 

As I said there is  a lot to do, it is all very flat and needs lots more shadows. 


  1. SCARY and dark with devilish eyes and conveying a don't mess with me attitude, really like her:-)

  2. Darcy I really enjoy looking at your Wednesday faces the break down is very informative. This weeks face is really interesting I cannot wait to see where you take her. I love art that makes me think and yours is always so inspirational.

  3. I like where this is going...but on another note. Everytime I find your blog post, its always about not knowing if you will be continuing another year of ARC and NOT the current blog post. I wonder why? Anyway, how true is this? Really?


  4. That looks great, looking forward to seeing it finished.