Friday 6 June 2014

DLP Week 17

Favourite Shoes...

oooh this is a hard one. At the moment i have 47 pair of shoes,boots,trainers.. and I love them all. I mean you have noticed the 'Sole' part of my blog name right? occasionally I get brutal and donate a few to charity, however the ulterior motive there is that I can then buy new ones. I don't think I have ever gone over 50 pairs.. but never say never. 

It was so hard to choose, but as this is an 'art' journal, I decided to go with these Art shoes.. I bought these over 10 years ago, so they are pretty scruffy now, but I wear them every summer. 

Here is the page for them.  I started with this bavkground which had been painted at the same time as the planner page opposite. It is just rough paint and a little stencilling. At the bottom I added one of the painted stickers that I made. It wasn't planned, but turned out perfect, as the sticker has the word art on it and they are 'Art shoes'

I added some torn book page, and then stamped a border with a homemade stamp. 

I recently dug this old tin of stamps out of the cupboard, most of them are old. just roughly carved out of small erasers. They are a bit small really, which is why I don't use them, but I thought I would maybe start using them in my journal. 

I printed out my shoe photo and cut them out, then glued them to the page with a few other bits and pieces. 

I really like this page, it's bright and funky just like the shoes... or at least like they were when new lol

Darcy x


  1. That's a lot of shoes.... and they don't look 10 years old either, you must either care for them really well or not wear them much! Love the journal page, great tribute, great colours and I love those funky stamps!

  2. Wow Darcy what a great tray of stamps, I love your DLP page, I am so enjoying documented life too

  3. such problem here...I find a comfy pair of "whatevers" and wear them till they fall apart..then go frantically searching for a new pair that don't exist anymore. Do love those clogs though...and your nummy page :D XXX

  4. Until this week I had never heard of 'Art' shoes, and now I've seen 2 people with them - and they are so cool! I love them. I also LOVE this page; what a wonderful tin of stamps you've made for yourself, they SO need to be used!

  5. I own around 12 pairs of shoes but only ever wear three these days. I keep the shoes i used to wear as they bring back happy memories...

    Beautiful page, full of colour and fun, just like you Darcy:-) xxx

  6. Same as Jo - I had never heard of Art shoes and now have seen two pairs and am drooling over them!

    Gorgeous page - so fun and funky!

  7. Great page Darcy. It suits the shoes, or maybe they suit it. I can see why you love them. Your tin of stamps looks very enticing

  8. Love this page,, love, love the shoes....and the stamps you carved. 5 ♥♥♥♥♥"s☺

  9. 47 pairs of shoes!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
    Fabulous page here with a fabulous pair!! Love your carved stamps too, all totally crazy and amazing!
    Thank you Darcy. Coco x

  10. That is a great page!