Friday, 17 April 2015

Me and You Journal , Month 2

It it time to show you the 2nd page in this journal, each page will be inspired by an interview with a friend. See last months page HERE.

This month it was Catherine's turn to answer questions, we had a giggle and found out lots of things about her. i narrowed down the list of answers to things that I thought I could work with.
Green, theatre, Shakespeare, Dame Judy Dench, topiary, spring flowers, Maya Angelou.. oh and a newspaper headline about murder lol

a pretty mixed up, random list huh?

So I started by looking for a reference to ‘ A little night music@ one of Catherine’s favourite shows, all the references that I found featured trees at night.. I began by swirling various blues onto the page and adding touches of white to highlight. Then i blocked in the trees in white. Next I went over the trees with black, allowing touches of white to show as highlights cast by the moon. I didn’t want a stark white moon so opted for a more yellowy one.

Black leaves seemed too dark, so I added autumn colours. I have a teeny tiny leaf stamp that was perfect..

2 (1)
This is to show you the difference between my camera above and my phone below, neither are quite the right blue, though the darker one is closer.

2 (2)
The leaf stamp was too small to hold and too small to put on an acrylic block, I found putting onto the lid of a spray bottle worked pretty well for stamping. .. kinda like a dabber.

Next I added stars, and shooting stars, this added lots of light into the background and I really love it.

The next thing to add was topiary. Catherine likes triangle shaped topiary. She also likes spring flowers, so here I combined the two.

This one is a bit of a leap… Catherine loves Judy Dench, and mentioned that she really enjoyed her performance in Esio Trot…. which of course spells tortoise backwards. So I added the tortoise.

Now onto Shakespeare and the newspaper.. I combined them and blocked out the shape in white.

I worked on the newspaper first, keeping the colours muted and greyed. It deserved a place in the page but I didn’t want it to be a focal point.

I then added the clothing and the hair.

Finally I painted in his face.

To incorporate Catherine’s love of Maya Angelou I added part of this quote. . This was a piece of printer paper lightly dry brushed with paint and once fully dry I popped it through the printer.

Here is the finished page. I like this page too, really enjoying this journal.

I am looking forward to our next get together and to see what crazy questions and answers are compiled.

Darcy x


  1. what a gorgeous page, and a great way to feature Catherine's favourite things!

  2. Wow! Love it! I really, really love it! Such a great idea too. Lx

  3. Wow, totally wonderful, love it!

  4. Wonderful pages Darcy, i enjoyed Esio Trot for both Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench's performances, it was a little piece of magic and so gentle...

    Your pages are a wonderful tribute to Catherine, i am sure she is very happy to see how she has inspired you :-) xxx

  5. What a glorious journal! *goes to nosey at page 01* XXX

  6. Omgosh Darcy!!! That is just flippin brilliant!!!

  7. Wow Darcy a fantastic page, and brilliant idea. Love it ALOT xx

  8. Fabulous page Darcy! Love the addition of the tortoise! I'm sure Catherine will love it! Sue C x

  9. Wow! What a wonderful page!!

  10. How beautiful it is Darcy!!! I'm totally subjugate... And your creative process is totally gripping. Thanks for sharing this amazing creation once again, as well as the path your inspiration takes you, I ADORE this!!! Coco xx

  11. Wow! I mean WOW!! Love this and the way it evolved! Brilliant!! Chrisx