Monday, 20 April 2015

New Stamps. Puddy Tat

Hi there, back again with another sample, a super quick one this time. Basically this is a master board of lots of my new stamps, and therefore could be cut into any shape.. I decided on a cat. 

First I took a piece of smoothy card and sketched out my sitting cat and roughly cut out around the shape. 

I then brayered with Pumpkin Soup, Guacamole, Tinned Peas and Autumn Fire.  I then stamped with all my new text stamps. I wanted the text ti be faint, so I first stamped onto spare paper and then did a second stamping onto the cat . 

Next I selected lots of my smaller stamps, leaves and background stamps and borders. I stamped them using Fresco paints. 

Once the rough shape was all full of stamps I cut out the final shape. I love how it looks almost like fabric now. 

Next I doodled around all the stamped images with a black pen. 

I painted another piece of card black, and glued the card onto the black. I cut this out leaving a small border.

The eyes, ears and nose were stamped onto separate smoothy and glued on. i also added some black strips of card for whiskers. The pupils of the eyes are 2 of the small pebbles from EDY14. 

Can you guess what the nose is? it is the 'thistle' type flower. from EDY13.

I thought it needed another pop of colour, so I painted more card with Beach Hut. The cat was then mounted onto this and cut out, again leaving a small border. 

All finished.. 

I like this faux fabric cat... and love how the stamps are all jumbled together but still work well. 

All my new stamps are available now  in PaperArtsy retailers. 

I will be back soon with more samples. 

Darcy x