Saturday, 29 October 2016

More Inktober

'I haven't managed to keep up with these every day, but here are a few more. These ones use Pitt pens in various shades of grey, one uses coloured ink and 3 are just done with ball point pens (Bic) 

I received a message on twitter from the online magazine CNN Style, I believe they are a part of the TV channel CNN. ( Cable News Network)   They wanted to run an article about the origin of Inktober and the reasons why people around the world join in each year. Initially they wanted to ring me to conduct an interview, but as I was at uni I asked them to email the questions and I would reply asap with photos. 

A week later and one of my Intober sketches ended up in their article, how cool is that!
You can see it  HERE follow that link and scroll to the last image in the slideshow. 




Darcy x


  1. Love the latest sketches, and well done, just read the CNN piece.