Tuesday 25 October 2016

Studio project 1

As promised here are the final photos from my first studio project. 

So as you already saw I was working on tea bags, the project took about 130 tea bags in total. 

On single bags I painted leaves, just using black and white gesso. 

These were then stitched together by machine to make a giant tea bag, to give it dimension I then filled it with dried leaves from the tree outside my house. 

I also made a papier mache spoon, covered it with Grunge paste and painted it, this had a single tea bag leaf added. 

More tea bags were glued into groups of 4. 

These had tea related images painted on in a silhouette style. 

Some were left plain black while others had white highlights added, all the silhouettes had little labels attached. 

When it came time to display the work I added stripes to lining paper and pinned these strips to the wall. 

Then it was time to gather all my silhouettes. 

These were glued to the wallpaper using Golden gel. 

Finally the giant tea bag and spoon were displayed. 

This is a video of a live Periscope that I filmed when the project was half way installed. 

A tea party for one.. makes me want to bake cake just looking at it. 

Darcy x


  1. Woohoo! It looks absolutely amazing Darcy. Top marks :oD Lx

  2. Great project, am sure that your tutors would agree. Do you have your assessment on it yetDarcy? Xx

  3. A quick walk and comment on your blog tonight Darcy, just to encourage you as deserved...
    Your painted leaves on bags are just fabulous, really FABULOUS.As all the other elementsI can see on the table... Wow.
    You're a great artist.
    Have fun and enjoy your art class and program this year, I'm sure you will be the Queen among all the students! :) xx

  4. This is an incredible piece of work, Darcy. And the way you have staged and displayed it is tremendous,

    Lucy x