Thursday 7 October 2010

Finally a little play with arts stuff, not really able to go up and play in my craft room, so just doing what i can sat on the sofa in the living room. So this is an art journal page for a challenge over on Ky's page. the rules are, use blue and copper and chipboard.

so this is the base of my page, painted first with brusho paint, then overlayed with Inktense pencils.

next i wrote the lyrics from 'the circle of life' over the page using a copper pencil.

I cut this image from a leaflet, and transferred it to plastic using the packing tape method, only on a bigger scale.
packing tape method video. there are many videos, this is just one.

I used clear sticky backed plastic, it works just the same, but you can do bigger pieces. This page /image is 8inches x 8 inches. I turned it over and coloured in some of the hanging bits with copper paint, and then rubbed copper wax all round the edge of the circle. i did this on the back so it would be more of a subtle colour than painting on the front.

i then went over some of the words with a thicker copper pen, and also rubbed the copper wax around the page edges.

next I took 3 pieces of chipboard, and covered them in copper sheet.

embossed the edge with a fabric wheel, and then stamped in the middles.

I glued the transferred image down, you can't see clearly here, but in real life the copper words show thru the plastic, then i added the chipboard/copper sheet text...all done.


  1. {gasp}! I love the copper on this!

  2. ha, you make me feel lazy :o}

    okay not really, but great page with a lot of thought and super follow through.

    Now do tell about the sticky backed plastic. No really, showing means you have to tell.

  3. Ehm what is the packaging method?
    Fantastic page by the way

  4. I have added a link now to a video of the packing transfer method, there are lots out there if you google for them. Also a link to the sticky back plastic, available in all good stationery shops.

  5. What a cool final result! Awesome and such fun!!

  6. Fantastic page! Love the colour combination and will definately give that packing tape method a go!The copper tags look really great too.

  7. The circle of life - what a fantastic song to create art with - and your art IS fantastic!

  8. Ooh it's fantastic Darcy :-) Great idea using the fabric tracing wheel - I've got one of those! Thanks for the tip about using clear sticky backed plastic 'cos we don't seem to have the packing tape that Americans use for this technique.
    Anne x

  9. Oh Wow... superb

    I too have missed painting and crafting with being so busy these last two weeks - but we still find time to do 'something' don't we? and your something is just amazing - I must try the packing tape thingy...

    please can I ask for a super recipe post funeral (next Tues) ?


  10. Ooooh, it's fab! Love the copper bits. x