Friday, 25 April 2014

Journal Stickers

I wanted to make some stickers that I could use in my Documented life Journal. I didn't have a full A4 sized sheet of stickers/labels but I did have this roll of address labels. I tore off 3 lengths each with 5 labels. I attached them to an A4 sheet of copy paper using double sided tape. 

Don't peel off the backing paper from the stickers!!! Just add the DS tape to the back of the labels and stick them down. The only reason to fix them onto one sheet is for ease of painting. I didn't use loads of tape, just enough to hold them all in place. 

Next I added blue,green,pink,purple and pale yellow, using a brayer. 

I then covered them all with these scratchy stamps from Ellen Vargo/PaperArtsy 

The next layer was more paint in the same colours, but this time watered down and flicked onto the sheet. 

Next I dipped the bottom of a small plastic pot into some white paint and splodged it onto the page. I topped each one with some bubble wrap printing. 

I then added more of the stamps, this time using one from the bolder set. EEV03 I also added dots of paint around the circles. 

I added some rectangle patches of white, and framed them with contrasting paint. 

 Then I added doodling with pen. 

Finally I stamped words into the rectangle frames. Don't worry if they don't fit, as some of the words go over 2 stickers anyway, so once you peel them up the words will get broken up. 

This is my finished sheet. Before I used it I scanned it so I can print it out and use it as a backing paper if I wish. the word stamps are all from Lin Brown Collection  and the Sara Naumann Collection. 

Then just use them. I peeled one whole sticker up and added it to the bottom of this page in my journal. 

I used some other bits to create die cut shapes and letters. 

and i cut some of the wordy bits out on their own. 

This was a fun, painty session and I now have some sticky bits for my journal. Why don't you give it a go, make your own stickers. 

Darcy x

Thursday, 24 April 2014

ABC of Flowers

A quick and funky single page for you today. A few weeks ago while doing another page I had cleaned off my brushes onto this page... might seems a dirty thing to do, but..

this is the ideal way to get excess paint off your brush...
it means that paint isn't wasted..
and it gives you a base to start a new page. 

There were 3 patches of colour, Ice Blue, Mocha Mousse and Pansy. The colours don't matter, whether they go together or not.. they can always be covered up, partly or totally. As it happens I quite liked the 3 patches, and decided to just cover the whole page with an alphabet stamp. I have this stamp plate twice.... one plate is kept as a whole for doing backgrounds and the other one is cut up into individual letters.I love this set.  Ink and Dog Words 2.

Next I used the stencil PS009 and black gesso to create these silhouette flowers. You can see more clearly here the original patches of paint. 

I cut out some flowers from scrap paper and placed them over the flowers to protect them. 

I then created some background circles using Portfolio Pastels. Light blue, dark blue, brown and orange. 

Next I mixed some Fresco paints with water, just enough to make it runny enough to drip and splatter. I used 3 colours, first Tango, then some Autumn Fire and finally some splatters of Blood Orange. 

Here is how it looks now that the paint drips have dried. 

Next I took  a white Posca pen and did some doodling. 

To finish off the flowers I added some stems using a Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel pencil, this is a bit like charcoal and is quite smudgie. I then added some white details again with the Posca pen. 

Here is the finished page. I was in two minds as to whether I should add a title or a quote at the bottom right corner. I still might go back and do that, but i will leave it for a while... live with it and see how I feel in a week or two. 

This really was just a 'play and see' page, and I found it very relaxing, pages like this are great for trying new techniques. You don't have to finish them in one session, you can keep going back and adding 'stuff'

Give yourself permission to just play. 

Darcy x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Weekly Face

Just a WIP this week, it is another in my series of Dreary Girls. This is Brenna... The shine is from a Metallic Glaze. 

Darcy x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Quick Journal Page

Usually I make double spreads in journal, but as this is quite a large journal, I decided to do a one page spread for a change. 

When I opened my journal I found this page, I had totally forgotton that I had used this page to use up some excess paint that was on a stencil. This is an ideal way to make sure you don't waste paint.  Should you wish to recreate this base layer it was Nougat paint  and Crafter's Workshop stencil TCW371S, mini Echoes. 

I spritzed the page with water then I painted on some South Pacific, I immediately wipes it back off with a baby wipe. I then stamped clocks from clocks 3 and clocks 6 I loved this stage, though I knew almost all of it would get covered up. But, for me, I love the different layers, and I am never sad when one gets covered. 

Next I scraped on some Grunge Paste, then I carved into it with a pokey tool. I also stamped into it with the cog stamps from EDY02...totally LOVE my cog background stamp.

Once the paste was dry, I painted it with Chartreuse, Seaweed and Chutney. I do believe Chartreuse is my new favourite colour. 

The next stage was to add some Treasure Gold, look how they blend so beautifully. Once buffed up they shine like precious metal and they really show off the stamping. 

I wanted the carving to stand out a little more, so I went over the lines with a black pen. 

I knew I wanted to use my steampunk flamingo from EDY05..

However, he is so detailed and I really wanted a quick I didn't want to spnd ages colouring him in. I took a piece of book text, and sprayed it with Adirondack Colour Wash Spray in Cranberry. i then stamped the flamingo over the spray. To tie this into the page I then dripped some of the ink down from the top of the page. 

He kind of looked lost and needed something to anchor him to the page, so I stamped the hand from MN31, this was stamped onto more book test that I had wiped with Chartreuse. I glued it in place so that it looks like the hand is drawing the flamingo. I then used a silver gel pen to add some details to the flamingo. 

Next I needed a border. I tore some more book text and glued that around the page. over than I dabbed on some more grunge paste that had been mixed with Chutney and Little black Dress. 

Once dry, I added Royal Amethyst Treasure gold, and also Sapphire. I buffed those then lightly added some White Fire. I also added the title, using mini alpha stamps. 

I just love Treasure gold..

Here it is finished, so hard to get a good clear photo because of the shine from the Treasure gold. it is very, very luxurious feeling in real life, and really does look like its on a sheet of metal. 

hope you like it. Darcy x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Melancholy Maria

Another little girl as my weekly face this week. I am loving them. 

sketched outline

adding grey and blue

adding pink

defining the features with dark grey

adding some colour

Eyes. Gail, I don't have a set routine for doing eyes, I pretty much dab it on and see what happens and no 2 sets are the same as I can never remember how I did them. 

For these however I made  a bit of a list for you. I started with venetian red, 

while damp I added some cadmium yellow

then white then burnt umber.

then sap green.... then i dried them.

the yellow ochre, white, then dry..

then burnt umber, white, ventian red, yellow ochre, white, ochre, burnt umber

as you can see it is the same colours over and over. Adding tiny amouts each time, building layers. 

once you are happy, just add the white highlights..This is roughly how I do eyes always lots of tiny layers.... but I have no exact formula..  When I do brown eyes I add a little green, when I do blue eyes I add a little brown, and for green eyes I add a little ochre. 

In the end result you can't see the individual colours, but the blended layers make the eyes come alive, so while it seems you are just covering up colours it is worth doing the layers. 

adding the eyebrows

stencilled background

blended back

finally the skirt added ...

I added a textured silver crown..

all done.. 

Darcy x