Sunday, 21 December 2014

Reindeer Sheds

A lovely lady Massofhair recently offered to send me some die cuts of little boxes. At first I thought about making them into houses with chimneys... and a chocolate Santa going down the chimney.. but then a newsletter appeared in my email with these Gingerbread Reindeer Barns..  go see her blog, she has awesome recipes.. 

Anyway, that decided it for me, I would make the boxes into Reindeer Sheds.. 

These dies cuts make up into a 2inch box. To make the roof we need an extra bit, so 2 full die cuts and 1/3 of another one. 

The extra bit is glued on the end of one piece, and the other piece has the 2 end sections cut in half. 

Now glue them together just like you would to make a box, but instead of a flat lid you have a roof. 

Now the inside needs 'wallpapering' with patterned paper. I find it easier to leave the roof and one side open while you do the papering. i papered half, then stuck down the last 2 flaps and then fiddled with the rest of the papering, this ensures all the joining flaps are covered. 

Add some texture paste to the bottom half of the outside, and score lines into it. Once dry, this is painted with various browns, and then dry brushed with an off white. 

Now add some corrugated card pieces to the roof. I also punched out a small border and painted that to match the inside paper. 

I added a small square of hessian fabric to the 'floor' inside and glued the whole thing to a square of sturdy card leaving approx an inch all around. 

Next I wanted to add some puffy paint.. but I didn't have any, so I found a recipe online.. 

1 tablespoon self raising flour
1 tablespoon salt
a little water and a little white paint ( for colour, otherwise the flour/salt mix is a bit grey))

I mixed this up and dabbed it on the roof and the 'ground' then I popped the whole thing into the microwave for 25seconds.. ( I did try a heat gun on it but it didn't puff up)

it puffs up like magic in the microwave...

I then brushed on some glitter glue, all over the snowy areas. Don't use Stickles , you will go through a whole bottle, just use cheap kids glitter glue. 

Next I added some small embellies, nameplates to the front of the sheds, a little stamped and cut out tree, ( from Ink and Dog Noel 4) and some snowflakes... yes I know they are flowers, but I couldn't find my snowflake punch lol

I bought some Lindt chocolate balls, attached 2 together with double sided tape, added a scarf and some stickle eyes.nose,buttons. Then i made a hat just from 2 circles of card and a strip of card. painted that black and then added some of the puff paint ... The hats must go in the microwave before being attached to the snowman... otherwise your snowman will be no more..

The final step is to add the Lindt chocolate reindeer inside. 

I am so pleased with them, we are having a family meal for Christmas, so I made a whole village of reindeer sheds, one for each place at the table. 

what kind of decorations have you made for your Christmas table?

Darcy x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Peek-a-Boo

hi everyone, this evening i have a fabulous peek -a-boo book over on the PaperArtsy blog. I had so much fun creating this, it has a layer of acetate so the photos do not do it justice at all. in real life it is just like peeping through someone's window. 

There are lots of layers and so many details, do pop over and see how I made it. 

Thanks for looking
Darcy x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

New challenge 2015 { Calendar challenge}

Morning everyone, just popping in to let you know I am hosting a new monthly challenge for 2015. It has been a couple of years since I last hosted a challenge, so it's about time I got one started. 

This will involve a calendar..Intrigued? you want to play?

The Project: To decorate/alter a page per month in a calendar

You need: A cheap calendar

The rules: only 4

The Calendar:

I bought this cheap one. You can buy any size, any style, and type of pictures. This is your calendar, pick one that you like. 

These are the pictures in my calendar, again,... pick one that you like. There is a very good reason for this, which you will see in the rules. 

Here is the date/planner part of mine. I intend to decorate this too.. but you don't have to, that it entirely optional. 

The rules. 

1. Each month, decorate the picture page of one month. You can also decorate the date/planner bit too if you want to, but you don't have to. You can decorate in any way that you want:
or whatever...

You get the idea, anything goes... however... you must incorporate some part of the original picture... see now why you need to pick one that you like. You can paint,collage,stencil or whatever all over the page, but some original part must remain on show, and be part of your new design. 

2. Each month there will be a technique to incorporate, interpret it any way that you want, with any brand or style. But it must appear somewhere on the page

3. Each month there will be a theme or item of ephemera to include. 

4. Each month I will blog my finished page along with a linky, you blog your calendar on your blog and add your name to the linky in my post. 

That's it!

Here are a couple of sneaky peek previews of what I have done with my page. 

On January 1st I will blog my calendar page, and photos of how I decorated it. There will be a linky at the bottom for you to join in. You can link up straight away on the 1st, or take your time, the link will remain open all month. It will close on Feb 1st, when a new link for Feb will go live. (Sorry no prizes, this is just for fun) If you are unsure how this all works then wait till you see mine on the 1st and then join in. 

So you need to know the technique and theme/addition for January.. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Crackling, any brand of crackle glaze, or the pva crackle method.... or any other way you can think of to add crackling. 
3. Add some book text 
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from Jan 1st 2015

So who will join me? Hope to see some fantastic calendar pages from you all next year. 

Darcy x

Saturday, 6 December 2014

More extra pages

Here are more of my extra pages, just random bits n bobs glued in.. 

This has given me a great excuse to dive into my bits box and use up some old scraps. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Extra pages

I am still filling my DLP journal. When I created it, I added lots of extra pages, flaps, and envelopes. I have to say that I quickly lost interest in filling the whole book, and so some of those extra bits have been taken out. But i do have some extra pages that are nothing to do with DLP prompts. 

Here are a few of them. Not all are finished. I keep adding bits and pieces to them. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Advent Boxes

A few years ago I made an Advent box for my son, and a couple for other people.. See a couple of the old ones HERE .. 

The full instructions for them are HERE... they are so easy though so you really don't need detailed instructions. 

This year  have made 3 more.. 

Each Box requires 24 matchboxes. As I was making 3 I had to buy 72 boxes ( this gave me a bag of 2880 matches) Luckily they were half price, so still way,way cheaper than buying empty craft boxes. 

The boxes are stacked like this for each Advent. 

The boxes are glued together, and strengthened with a base and top piece. 

Then you can start to decorate.. 

The drawers are decorated too, with numbers on the front edge.. 

and patterned paper on the insides..

Here are my finished cubes.. This silver and blue one for my Mum. 

This pink one for one of my nieces. 

This one for my stepdad.. 

and of course they are all filled with chocolates.. 

I hope you all have your advent calendars ready... 

Darcy x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Almost Caught Up

Here are 5 more DLP pages, at this time I am now only 7 behind.. not bad considering I was about 23 behind lol

Wk 29. Create a wish list from images. 

Wk 32. Add a fortune cookie..

Wk 33. Use underpaper.. I collaged the whole double page with ripped up underpaper, and it reminded me of a Rosina Wachtmeister background. So I drew some of her puppets and collaged them over the top. 

Wk. 44. Add leaves..

Wk. 45. Add a tab.. think about this one, perhaps look at it in the mirror. 

Darcy x

Monday, 24 November 2014

Pop Art Planes

My friend and fellow artist Jay, drew out this face. Instead of adding lots of facial details he has just picked out the planes of the face,arms and hair. 

Planes show the high and low areas, ie; the areas that stick out and are therefore highlighted, and the lower areas that are flat or sunken in and are in shadow

I wanted to create a face using funky colours that you would not normally associate with skin, and this is the ideal way. Jay very kindly allowed me to use his sketch.

This was drawn out very lightly in pencil ( I darkened the photo so you can see it, but actually the pencil lines are very light)

I am using a combination of the Spring/Summer Ltd Edition set and the new Autumn/Winter Ltd Edition set from Letraset Promarkers. These 2 provided me with a great selection of colours with which to colour this face. 

I started with Mustard Green. 

Next I added Pebble Blue and Wild Orchid. 

Next I added Summer Sun. 

Now for a bold splash of Sunset. 

Next I filled in the face with Cloud Blue and started adding Verdigris to the hair. 

I finished the hair with Peacock Green. 

The flower was done with Pink Pearl and Silver Lining. The eyes,brows and inside of the flower were done with Storm Cloud, and the shadows under the hands were done with Firebrick. 

Almost done, at this point I just added white pen to the eyes and bottom lip. 

It looked a little unfinished, so I took a Letraset Fineliner 0.3mm, and outlined the central features and the main shapes. Note I did not outline the changes of colour within a shape. 

This latest set of colours are just lovely, look out for them at your local Promarker retailer.