Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Weekly Face

10 minute face.. 
Page is painted with a very light layer of white acrylic. Sketch in pencil.

The half face is coloured with Letraset Aquamarkers. 

Then prisma pencils over the top for extra shading. 

Caran d'Ache Fibralo pens added, then water added and the drips allowed to flow. 

Darcy x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Emergency Wrap

What happens when a last minute birthday party is sprung upon you? if you are super organized, or if you had small children and you go to lots of parties, then maybe you have spare gifts tucked away.. just in case.. I have done this in the past, found cool gifts in the sale and bought them to keep in the cupboard for emergencies... but do I ever remember to buy wrapping paper too? nope!

All I had was this plain black wrapping paper, not terribly jolly! 

I turned it over to find a plain white reverse, better than black, but a bit boring. 

So let's decorate it, we only have an hour before the party, so it's got to be quick, fun and with a splash of colour. 

Of course any paper would work, though printer paper is usually too small, and lining paper while bigger, is usually too thick. The paper I am using is actual wrapping paper. 

Take a small stamp, something cute and not too detailed. Stamp this all over your paper at regular intervals. 

Add a smaller stamp between. 

Now take a selection of bright promarkers, and colour in SOME of the images. This will give the paper a printed/graphic feel. If you colour all of the images it will look homemade/coloured in. 

Voila! simple as that, it took 10 mins to stamp and about 15 to colour in. 

Once the gift is wrapped, there is some paper left over. I cut a square, and with the black side upmost I glued that to a card blank. Then I printed a sentiment out onto Safmat. 

Next I lay the Safmat down over another square of the wrapping paper, this time with the images upmost. The Safmat sticks to the paper, and the sentiment is in place. 

I trimmed the Safmat to the same size as the square of images, then stuck that layer to the black square, and there we have it a simple, matching card. 

Finally, with the final scrap I glued it to a tag shape and trimmed it, now I have a matching tag.

The final step was to add some bakers twine, though this is homemade bakers twine. It is actually crochet cotton that has been coloured with promarkers. 

I wrapped up the gift and added a little washi tape, under an hour, job done.

I have a set of vibrant promarkers to give away. 

Please do TWO THINGS.

1. Leave a comment for me on the Letraset blog HERE
2. Add your name to the linky here. 

Only names that appear in both places will be entered. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Journalling Challenge

Hi there, today I am back on the PaperArtsy blog with the journal challenge for July. This month iI have turned paints into sprays, used metal card, created a recessed area and used brand new stamps!!!

Pop over and take a look, I would love it if you joined in.

Darcy x

Friday, 25 July 2014

Adventures with Glue

Today I am over on the PaperArtsy blog, playing with gel medium. Do you only use gel medium for sticking stuff? Well pop over and see my post, I show how I have used gel medium 15 different ways to make this canvas. 

I was thrilled with the textures that I was able to create. 

I would love it if you could pop over and see the whole post and leave a comment, tell me what you use gel medium for...

Darcy x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Weekly Face

.. or at least the start of one. I was too busy yesterday to sit down and draw, today I have had the time but it has been so warm... too warm. Drawing is hard for me, it takes a great deal of concentration, and i was really struggling to concentrate in the heat. 
so here is the start of a face and I will show more as it progresses. 

I hope you are managing to keep cool. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weekly Face

Well since returning from down south it has been a busy time. As such I just have not had the time to sketch out a portrait this week. 

While I was away I picked up some metal working tools. Now I do know I have completely missed the boat on this craze, which was super popular several years ago. Back then it didn't really grab me, but of late i have been wanting to have a little play. I know next to nothing about it and didn't even know which tools I needed.

I came home with a handful of tools, all weird and wonderful looking, and some sheets of metal. 

There are many,many videos online showing you just how to use these tools. PaperArtsy have a great one HERE.

I then found a really useful one from Elitia Hart with basic tips HERE. 

Then of course there are many videos on the Ten Second Studio Channel, HERE. 

I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones I found on my first search. I did not have time to create some epic masterpiece, but I did want to just play with the tools and see how they worked. 

Believe me, the videos make it look easy, in reality it is a little trickier. I ended up with scratches and marks in places I didn't want them. i even managed to work the metal so hard I made holes lol

but was it fun, yes, will I do more, yes! This is something I think i would like to do a lot more of, and that means taking it slow and learning lots. 

For now I will leave you with my less than impressive first attempt lol

This is less of a weekly face and more of a 'how to not do faces' lol

I worked on both front and back, and added some acrylic paint. 

Less dreary girl and more gruesome girl lol

lol I am really at a loss, there is nothing to say. I can't see this ever taking pride of place anywhere. But, it did teach me lots. Working out just how much pressure to use is important, working out which lines to make prominent, which areas to puff up. The tools all have specific jobs, and work best in certain areas. i learned that adding paint makes a huge difference, and also sanding back can bring the piece to life.

such an interesting process, and lots to learn.

As soon as I have time I will play more, and I shall try to show you my progress. If you have any fave metal working videos or books, then do please leave links in the comments for me. 

Darcy x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A day at Birds in the Barn

I have had a very busy few days. On weds I travelled down South, on 4 trains. I was met by the lovely Leandra from PaperArtsy and off we went to PA headquarters. It takes around 5 hours from my house to hers. A quick catchup and a cuppa and then straight to work prepping some exciting new products. Keep your eyes peeled for sneaks coming soon.

On Thursday we were all up bright and early, Leandra gave me a lift over to the Marks Tey hotel, where the Summerfest was taking place. This is a great 4 day event hosted by Janet and her staff from Birds in the Barn. 

This is the quirky mini book that we were to make on the day, entitled 'Dreamy Bird and the Doughnut Tree'

My ladies started to arrive, and though I was super nervous they were all so lovely and made me feel at ease .  We began work straight away, and wow did these girls work hard. As you can see the room was a comfortable size with plenty of room for people to move around. 

Jayne obliged with an action shot.

We worked on lots of techniques involving grunge paste and stencils and stamps and paints. 

Here is Deborah, working on her book covers. 

Sally really got into the bumping method of stencilling. 

Ginny was a star, being my helper for the day. her book cover turned out brilliant. Here she is painting grass. 

Here is Denise, blending and shading flowers through a stencil. 

Here is Margaret adding stencilled stems to her front cover.

Karen, concentrating hard on her front cover layout.

back to Jayne and another great action shot lol I totally loved the colours that Jayne used, she created some beautiful blending. 

We were treated to tea and coffee throughout the day, a 2 course lunch and then in the afternoon the hugest doughnuts arrived. We worked right up to the last minute. I had hoped we could have made tags to go inside the book, but everyone went home with blank tags and instructions, so I hope they are having fun playing with those. 

Here is a final pic of us all with our books. 

Huge thanks to each of these ladies, they are the ones who made it a wonderful day. Thanks also to Janet and her staff for inviting me. 

While I was teaching in this room, the wonderful Lin Brown was across the hall teaching in another room. Once our clearup was done, Lin and I set off and following instructions in an epic text from Leandra we found our way to a really nice pub. Inside we found Leandra and Mark and Jo Firth Young. We had also been joined by a lovely gentleman. Mister. Treasure Gold. He is the most fascinating man and we all had a great evening. In fact we  had a meal then stayed and chatted till midnight. 

This one deserves a caption... 

Such a great night, it is always a pleasure to catch up with Lin and Jo...Mark,leandra and Hans were perfect hosts. Thanks to everyone. 

Friday we were up early again and straight to work, it is always busy,busy at headquarters, always so much to do....I became an temporary helper elf, and sat painting paint labels. At one point Leandra and I popped out to a local award winning butchers, where I bought some of their amazing sausages. 

I bought 32!!! I don't normally buy so many sausages at once, but these are not available online, and they are just so scrummy. So I stocked up and brought them home. 

All too soon it was time to leave, and I set off on my mammoth journey home, another 4 trains. There were a few delays on the tracks, and I finally got in the house just after midnight.... wow, we crammed so much into 3 days lol

Darcy x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

For no particular reason

...I just wanted to spray and paint and play. I had no theme in mind, no plan. I just started adding colour, painting, stamping and stencilling.

Then I added stronger colours in drips and more stencilling, and around the edge. 

Then I really didn't know where to go, so I flicked through my stencils for inspiration, and found this one. I used black ink to stencil her first, then moved the stencil over and repeated her using grunge paste. Once this dried I was able to paint her. 

on the left I doodled an outline and some wavy lines , along with a few circles. I used gesso to knock back the areas that i wanted to write on and left the original painty background showing through the circles. 

the poem I copied out is 'I Love You in Secret by pablo Neruda'

I then added some white dots with a posca pen on the dress and around the circles. 

I thought it was finished, but then decided to add this title just to one side. 

Finished page.. 

Darcy x