Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Calendar Challenge 2015: April

Hi everyone, it is that time again. Today the link goes live for the April show and tell of our altered calendars. If you are new here then read THIS POST to find out what we are doing.
As a reminder here are the rules for April ..

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique -  use drips and splatters
3. Add - a repeating shape or word as many times as possible
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from April 1st 2015
This was how my page started this month. To me it is extremely boring and wishy washy, with no real focus.

I added a coat of matte medium to give the page some tooth as this calendar is printed on very shiny paper. Then I used gesso to blank out the page, leaving just the patch of water lilies.  I added the gesso really thick in some areas to add texture.
One of the rules was to add repetition of a shape or word as much as possible.. I used the whole alphabet and repeated it all over the top and bottom pages.
Next I added my base colour, leaving out a stalk for the lily pad area, turning it into a mushroom, and also a couple other shapes. The colour was hideously yellow, but that’s ok, its just a base layer. I won’t be naming these colours as they are really old,cheap craft paints that I am trying to use up so I can get rid of the bottles as they are taking up space. and they are starting to smell a bit funky.. they are donkeys years old.. 
I continued to add paint, blues and greens.
Then as my letters were disappearing I decided to add another repeating shape with this leaf stencil. (Clarity Stamps)
I took all these colours down onto the bottom half of the page too.
Next I used some of my new stamps.. first I stamped onto the page an then whited out the shapes using snowflake 
..and then I was able to colour in the shapes and add patterning.
I was then able to go back in with the stamps, and a doodle pen.
The other rule was to add splatters and drips.. so here are the splatters. I added 3 colours of splatters.
I used the leaves from my new stamps sets to stamp lots of leaves on old scraps of painted papers.
I also stamped the month, days and numbers from HPXT06. 07 and 08 These calendar stamps are brilliant and so useful.
These were stamped  and then matted onto the new Bougainvillea..
this is how the top half looks now.. with lots of white highlights here and there.
The bottom matches, but is less busy… however it does need something more..
I stamped out this fairy from Lavinia stamps and made her all sparkly using WOW Starry Night. She is stamped onto regular smoothy  painted with Blue Oyster, then cut out leaving a small border.
She was then added to the planner page. The rules state splatters or drips, so I decided to add both, here are the drips done with just Metallic Glaze 
and here it is when dried, it looks like she is watering the flowers or sprinkling fairy dust on them..

Here is the whole thing finished..

Hope you liked that. Link up your calendars and then go visit each other.

Here are the rules for May.
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Make marks,... scratching or stamping into texture paste/thick gesso/spackle/glue anything that will hold the shape
3. Add – an image that depicts your star sign/horoscope (drawing,painting,magazine image)
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from May 1st 2015

Here is the link for April

Darcy x

Monday, 30 March 2015


You only have today and tomorrow left to link up your March calendar pages. 

 Come and join in HERE

On Wednesday April 1st the new link will go live for the April pages. 

Darcy x

Friday, 27 March 2015

Super Quick Card.

I was in need of a really quick card. I started by glueing some of this stamped tissue paper to white card. This has been stamped with all the month stamps from HPXT06


Once dry I cut a small square of the card covered with tissue. Onto this I layered a smaller square of regular smoothy painted with Bougainvillea.
I then painted regular smoothy with Caribbean Sea, and stamped out lots of the leaves from EDY12

I cut out 10 leaves and created 2 layers. I topped them with a circle of smoothy painted with Tangerine Twist and some doodling.

I stamped the happy birthday from JOFY 14 and mounted this onto more Bougainvillea.
I finished the petals by adding white dots to the border with a posca pen.


Really quick and easy, leave can be turned into petals so effectively.. have a go..
Darcy x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New Stamps. Cup and Saucer.

Hi there, today I have a great sample to show you, this is one of my all time favourites. it was time consuming, but oh so worth it. I collect mismatched china cups,saucers,milk jugs, sugar bowls, plates etc.. I took one of my cups and saucers and covered each with cling film. Then I began to add papier mache. I think in total I added 5 layers, using very thin paper. The drying time between wasn't too bad and I think it took about 3 days to complete and dry out fully. I just kept doing a bit to it between working on other projects. I then removed the papier mache from the real china. 

Once fully dry I gave it 2 coats of gesso, this was mainly to smooth out all the joins in the bits of paper.  The handle is wire wrapped with paper. 

Next I painted it black, and then added Crackle Glaze, and finally a coat of Snowflake.

I ended up with this gorgeous crackled cup and saucer. 

Now to add colour, I build up this layer slowly with very watery Beach Hut, adding a thin wash, drying it then adding another. 

I kept adding thin washes till i was happy with the colour. In some areas i added more paint to make it a little darker, this adds dimension. 

Here is the cup and saucer finished.. time to decorate.. 

I painted tissue paper with Snowflake, then using a credit card I added lines of Orchid. Then I stamped the triangle leaf from EDY14. 

I applied the leaves around the cup and saucer with a little matte medium. I then carefully added a little Orchid to the inside of the leaves and also around the rim of both cup and saucer. Once this was done and dry I added 2 coats of satin glaze. 

Now I thought it looked cute as is... and thought how sweet it would be as a gift, filled with cookies or chocolates.. and maybe teabags?

So I set about making things to go inside. 

A tag seemed like a good idea.. I masked off some of the thistle flowers from EDY13 using cellotape. I added the ink then removed the tape..

On a size 5 tag, I brayered Guacamole, Tinned Peas and Hyde Park, and  a little Snowflake. I then stamped the masked off thistles. 

I coloured the leaves with Hyde Park mixed with a little matte glaze. then I painted some Autumn Fire onto smoothy and stamped just the thistle heads. These were cut out and glued onto the tag. I also did this with a couple of the leaves, stamping them onto green, cutting out and attaching to the tag. These add ons give a little dimension. 

I added a piece of torn corrugate, dry brushed some Snowflake and then some Orchid. On green painted smoothy I stamped the little sentiment, this was just using a tiny £1 alphabet set, the type you can get in The Range.

Next I painted some smoothy with Beach Hut and Inky Pool, I stamped Alfie the Owl from EM14, and cut him out. i added details with Fibralos and a white Posca pen. 

I painted some tissue paper with Orchid and added lines with Spanish Mulberry, then flicks of Snowflake. Once dry I made a little packet, just big enough for a tea bag. On lightweight smoothy I stamped the journalling image from EM13. I also stamped the text from EDY13 onto white tissue. 

The text on tissue was cut apart and glued onto the journalling image in strips, this was then glued to the tea packet. I replaced the tag on the teabag with one made from smoothy and using the leaf background stamp from EDY12

Lastly I painted some smoothy with Pumpkin Soup. I then shaded with Brown Shed. To make the flags nice and bright I first dropped a little Snowflake into them and then coloured with Inky Pool and Orchid. This was attached to the cup handle with bakers twine. 

I love this as an ensemble, all it needs is a cookie wrapped up in deli paper. 

Do you have someone who would love one like this, maybe your Mum? grab an old cup and create some papier mache tea sets.. 

All the stamps used here are available now from PaperArtsy retailers. 

Darcy x

Monday, 23 March 2015

New Stamps. 6x6 Washi Garden

Hi everyone, here is another of my launch samples using my newest collection of stamps.  This one began as a 6x6 white/greyboard. The first thing I did was add strips of washi tape. 

I then brayered some Snowflake over the washi tape. Using Inky Pool I stamped the border from EDY11. 

I painted some smoothy with Guacamole, then using sequin waste I stencilled some Hyde Park. over this I stamped the leaf from EDY14. 

I cut the leaves out, and added black stems of differing lengths. I also added Beach Hut to the leaves. 

I mixed some Inky Pool with Grunge paste and added that around the edges. I then painted some smoothy with Pumpkin Soup, onto this I stamped Wilbur the Chicken King from EM14. I also stamped him directly onto the washi tape. 

I cut out his body, crown and wing all separately and glued them over the image on the washi, layering them all up. 

On smoothy I painted some Beach Hut and then stamped the large flower from EDY 14, the stem was stamped on some smoothy that was painted with Guacamole. I also stamped the small flower from EM10. Both of these were glued on and shaded with Fibralos. 

I stamped the text from EDY13, and created a border underneath the text using the flower stem from EDY12. I finished the piece off by rubbing Treasure Gold around the Grunge paste edges. 

Hope that gave you some ideas. 

Darcy x