Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Remember Those Days...{Workshop}

I have a special little memory book to share...

It has a fun brayered and stamped set of covers... along with a bit of WOW embossing. 

Here is the middle page inside.. stencilling and stamping.. 


This project uses my stamps from February this year and the brand new ones from Lin Brown. 

I would love it if you could join me in making this memory book. on the day we will make the covers and pages and decorate the centre page. You will then be able to add to the book on the other pages in your own time. 

When  13th Sept 10-1

Get in touch with Nina to book your place. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oh Summer wherefore art thou?{Workshop}

Well just in case we do get some more sunshine  have this handmade paper fan. 

Don't be fooled, this is deceptively time consuming, but a a lovely project. It even comes with a little case. 

How would you like to spend an evening with me making them?

Lots of painting and stamping with PaperArtsy Fresco paints and stamps. 

When : Saturday 12th Sept 6-9pm. 

Get in touch with Nina to book your place. 

Darcy x

Monday, 27 July 2015

Slashed Canvas! {Workshop}

Don't panic, it wasn't a random act of violence, but absolutely intentional. Why? well to create this little beauty.. 

How would you like to spend a day with me creating this slashed,box canvas.. 

Lots of brayering and stamping with PaperArtsy Fresco paints and Darcy Eclectica³ stamps from February of this year. We will also be using some of the latest releases from Lin Brown, launched just this month. 

I do hope you can join me, it promises to be a fun (but busy) day. 

When : Sunday Sept 6th 2015

Get in touch with Sandy to book your place. 

I will also be in the shop all day Saturday demoing with new stamps, so please do come along and say hello. 

Darcy x

Friday, 17 July 2015

Cakey Baker

Last weekend we had a family get together. My sister in law was over from America with the children so it was a good time to meet up and celebrate all the birthdays, fathers day, and other special days that happen when we are apart.

The most recent birthday was that of my younger brother, so I set about making him a cake.

I started with my favourite mix of beetroot and chocolate.

This makes lovely moist,chocolatey cakes that are ever so slightly pink.

I wanted the cake to be memorable and had a look online for ideas. I kept seeing 'gravity cakes'... Seriously, search for them..there are loads. They look like a stream of chocolate balls are pouring down onto the cake, but at the same time defying gravity.

While there are lots of photos I didn't see any detailed explanations, so just had to wing it.

Usually I would make up a batch of butter icing, but for a change I made a ganache. Here I met my first challenge... Getting it to stiffen up enough to spread.

The reason for the difficulty, well this turned out to be one of the hottest days possible... Not ideal baking weather.

Eventually the ganache was ready, this was spread between the cakes and also on the top.

Now, how to suspend the choc balls?. I grouped 4wooden skewers together and pushed then right down into the middle of the cake. Then I covered the top with choc balls.

The sides had more ganache added, then choc fingers placed upright all around the cake...leaving a gap at the front.

Now for the tower construction. Using 2colour balls i added 4around the skewers. Then took another 4, dipped them in melted chocolate and cemented them around the sticks ...effectively gluing them to the previous layer.

Now into the fridge for 10mins. You have to do this after every layer of 4. I tried to do 2layers at once and they just collapsed. So 4balls on and into the fridge...another 4balls on and into the fridge...

Not difficult, just very time consuming.

Once the tower was built, the rest of the balls were placed at the front of the cake.. as if spilling down.

The final touch is to add the packet, resting just atop the wooden skewers/choc balls tower. To give the impression they are falling out of the packet.

As I built up the tower I found it would not fit in my fridge, by the end I had to take out all the shelves and squash everything ,that could not be safely left out, into the chiller drawers.

So the cake spent the night like this.

Next morning came the challenge of how to deliver it. We had a 90mins car journey ahead of us..and it was getting warm!!!

I stood the cake in a plastic box..then in a bag...then in another bag. Between all the layers I added freezer blocks.

This was all sat on my knee in the car...with the aircon on too blowing right at me.

This was my view for 90mins, by the time we got there I was sooooo cold lol

But the cake made it intact. We added sparklers and sang Happy Birthday to my brother...

Then we dived in...

No chocolatey ball was safe from little fingers...

And pretty soon, this is all that was left.

Oh and it was very tasty.

Darcy x

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Launch Week... Night Seven

Tonight we are back with more gorgeous samples using the new Jofy stamps.Again the wingmen have pulled it out of the bag and produced some brilliant samples. Lots of inspiration for you, fabulous ideas.. not that you really need them as the stamps themselves are packed with inspiration. 

Here is one of the samples from Jo herself.. 

Come over to the PaperArtsy blog and see all the other samples. 

Darcy x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Launch Week...Night Six: Jo Firth Young

Tonight is the turn of Jo Firth Young to show us her latest stamp designs.  Two more wonderful stamp plates for you to drool over. 

Pop over to the PaperArtsy blog where you will see an abundance of yummy samples from Jo and her wingmen. 

These stamps are available from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. 

Darcy x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Calling All Knitters...

Each year my friend Pete and his workmates take a convoy of aid abroad, this takes them around 3 weeks to get there and back and the whole thing is voluntary. Once there the vans are unpacked and the contents distributed to orphanages,disabled children in care homes and families on very low incomes.

However it all begins back here in the UK, with money being raised to buy supplies and donations of .... well just about anything. 

They take medical supplies, nappies, food, toiletries, toys,blankets, matresses.. the list goes on. 

In the past you may remember that I have made toys, see them HERE  

and another year I made school bags , see them HERE.

This year I, and others are knitting hats. These are the ones I have done so far. I am pushed for time but I will do as many as I can. Can you knit? would you like to help? 

I am knitting hats to fit children between 1yr and 7yrs, any childrens sizes would be very much appreciated. 

If you would like to help, then please knit childrens hats and send to me. I will then deliver them to Pete to go on his van. 

Hats need to reach me by Sept 1st. 

You do not need to follow any specific pattern, or use specific colours... just make them warm. Nothing fancy or lacy, these are needed for warmth this coming winter. 

This is the pattern that I am using { DOWNLOAD PDF} {Use DK yarn}

If you would like to know more about the organization that is behind these convoys then take a look HERE.  and if you would like to see videos of aid being delivered from previous convoys then check out their channel HERE. 

The convoy goes in September, so you need to get your knitted hats to me before then. No later than Sept 1st. 

Darcy x

Launch Week.. Night Five..

Good evening, tonight over on the PaperArtsy blog we have samples made with the remaining 2 new stamp sets by Lin Brown. 

Make sure you go to the PaperArtsy blog to see all the wonderful samples, there really are some stunning ideas of how to use these great new stamps. 

All these stamps are already available from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

Darcy x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Launch Week ...Night Four: Lin Brown

Tonight we have new releases by Lin Brown. There are four plates all together and if you pop to the PaperArtsy blog you will see all 4 of them plus a great video. 

Again there are some stunning samples that have been made by Lin and her wingmen. This evening the samples concentrate on these first two plates. 

Tomorrow there will be more samples made using the other two plates, so do come back. Remember all these stamps are available now from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. 

Darcy x

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Launch Week ..Night Three..

This evening over on the blog is night two of the Emma Godfrey product release. Last night you saw the new stamps and the video, along with some gorgeous samples. Tonight we have even more wonderful samples to show you. 

The 'wingmen' that all stepped up to make samples really have done a terrific job and should all be proud of themselves for coming up with such creative ideas and beautifully executed projects. The attention to detail is amazing. 

Here is just one sample made by Emma herself.. 

Pop over to the PaperArtsy blog and see what else has been made. 

Don't forget all these stamps are available now from your favourite PaperArtsy stockist. 

Darcy x