Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Quick Journal Page

Usually I make double spreads in journal, but as this is quite a large journal, I decided to do a one page spread for a change. 

When I opened my journal I found this page, I had totally forgotton that I had used this page to use up some excess paint that was on a stencil. This is an ideal way to make sure you don't waste paint.  Should you wish to recreate this base layer it was Nougat paint  and Crafter's Workshop stencil TCW371S, mini Echoes. 

I spritzed the page with water then I painted on some South Pacific, I immediately wipes it back off with a baby wipe. I then stamped clocks from clocks 3 and clocks 6 I loved this stage, though I knew almost all of it would get covered up. But, for me, I love the different layers, and I am never sad when one gets covered. 

Next I scraped on some Grunge Paste, then I carved into it with a pokey tool. I also stamped into it with the cog stamps from EDY02...totally LOVE my cog background stamp.

Once the paste was dry, I painted it with Chartreuse, Seaweed and Chutney. I do believe Chartreuse is my new favourite colour. 

The next stage was to add some Treasure Gold, look how they blend so beautifully. Once buffed up they shine like precious metal and they really show off the stamping. 

I wanted the carving to stand out a little more, so I went over the lines with a black pen. 

I knew I wanted to use my steampunk flamingo from EDY05..

However, he is so detailed and I really wanted a quick I didn't want to spnd ages colouring him in. I took a piece of book text, and sprayed it with Adirondack Colour Wash Spray in Cranberry. i then stamped the flamingo over the spray. To tie this into the page I then dripped some of the ink down from the top of the page. 

He kind of looked lost and needed something to anchor him to the page, so I stamped the hand from MN31, this was stamped onto more book test that I had wiped with Chartreuse. I glued it in place so that it looks like the hand is drawing the flamingo. I then used a silver gel pen to add some details to the flamingo. 

Next I needed a border. I tore some more book text and glued that around the page. over than I dabbed on some more grunge paste that had been mixed with Chutney and Little black Dress. 

Once dry, I added Royal Amethyst Treasure gold, and also Sapphire. I buffed those then lightly added some White Fire. I also added the title, using mini alpha stamps. 

I just love Treasure gold..

Here it is finished, so hard to get a good clear photo because of the shine from the Treasure gold. it is very, very luxurious feeling in real life, and really does look like its on a sheet of metal. 

hope you like it. Darcy x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Melancholy Maria

Another little girl as my weekly face this week. I am loving them. 

sketched outline

adding grey and blue

adding pink

defining the features with dark grey

adding some colour

Eyes. Gail, I don't have a set routine for doing eyes, I pretty much dab it on and see what happens and no 2 sets are the same as I can never remember how I did them. 

For these however I made  a bit of a list for you. I started with venetian red, 

while damp I added some cadmium yellow

then white then burnt umber.

then sap green.... then i dried them.

the yellow ochre, white, then dry..

then burnt umber, white, ventian red, yellow ochre, white, ochre, burnt umber

as you can see it is the same colours over and over. Adding tiny amouts each time, building layers. 

once you are happy, just add the white highlights..This is roughly how I do eyes always lots of tiny layers.... but I have no exact formula..  When I do brown eyes I add a little green, when I do blue eyes I add a little brown, and for green eyes I add a little ochre. 

In the end result you can't see the individual colours, but the blended layers make the eyes come alive, so while it seems you are just covering up colours it is worth doing the layers. 

adding the eyebrows

stencilled background

blended back

finally the skirt added ...

I added a textured silver crown..

all done.. 

Darcy x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Garden Moggy Journal Page

Here is another one page spread. I started by pulling out several blues and greens, that go from white through to dark blue and light green to dark. 

You definitely don't need all those, but it is nice to have some good variation. I started with a swirly circle in the middle using snowflake, then gradually added the other shade in circles moving to the outer edges of the paper. Spritzing the paper with a little water helps to keep them moist enough to blend, you do not want stripes. 

Do the same with the greens, starting with the lightest where green meets blue, and come down to the darkest. 

I then used the same blues to add some text through a stencil TCW261s on the sky. On the grass I mixed a little Grunge paste with Hyde Park and pushed that through TCW259s. 

Next I used the grass stamp from EDY05, using a mix of Hyde Park and French Roast. 

I tore a strip of scrap paper and used it as a mask to create a rough edged border. I laid down snowflake first then added Pansy,Spanish Mulberry and Lilac. I coloured in the buds on the grass using Pitt Pens. 

 I then stamped the wall using MN95 and a mix of London Night and Snowflake, all around the border.

close up of the stamped wall. this..

Next I stamped the heart vine from EDY01, using Archival potting soil. I went on to colour this with Pitt Pens.

Next I rummaged in my bag o bits, and found this painty bit of book text. I used it and a Sizzix die to create a fence. 

I love this, I added a bit of brown inking around the edges and it looks like an old weathered fence. 

I stamped the tree from EDY06. Remember with my tree and flowers they can all be extended. simply take a black pen and continue the lines. I made the trunk longer and extended some of the branches. I then took a fan brush and dabbed on some hyde park, followed by a little hey pesto . 

I finished the tree by dabbing on a little guacamole, and colouring the bubbles with a Pitt Pen. 

I painted some tissue paper with London night, and once dry I stamped the cat from EDY06 using Caramel. I then outlined him with a brown pen and cut him out I gave him a coat of Gloss glaze and some white details just to make him pop a little. 

Next I used some old painted index cards to stamp on, I used them to make flowers. Notice again how I took a black pen and extended the length of the flower stems. 

I coloured the details with Pitt Pens and glued them to the page. 

These ones are from EDY07, and they add depth and perspective by being glued in front of the fence. 

I took an old dried babywipe, and stamped the butterfly from EM05. I cut it out leaving a small border, then i blasted it with a heat gun to make it shrink and tighten up.

I glued the butterfly in place, rubbed  a little glitter glue over the wings and then added the flight trail behind him, along with the sentiment stamp from ELB01

Here is the finished page. The great thing about journal pages is that you get to play and try out new stuff. i especially like the wall border and i will use that again. 

Hope you like it. Darcy x